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Top Content - January 2020


Staff member
We're already 1 month into 2020? CRAZY. Time flies when you are having fun right?

Well, we had A LOT of fun in January. We kicked off 2020 with our biggest contest yet, added a new Community Leader, took a look back at 2019, attended Affiliate Summit West, and absolutely crushed it across the board.

With all that going on, we had a lot of content added to affLIFT. Let's take a look at the top content :)

Top Threads.png

Top Threads

I like to start our top content lists with the top threads. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of discussion around Monetizer last month. That's what they get for sponsoring our contest :D
  1. Advertizer Push Follow-Along - YepAds-Gambling Offer-Tier 1 by @varunkeskar
  2. 2020 PPV vs Monetizer CPI Offers (My First Lander Camp) by @jimmyvanilla
  3. 2020 campaign: Monetizer + BeMob + Propellerads SmartCPA by @Captndave
  4. When to cut a campaign/ad/geo/zone/offer (using statistics and scary math stuff)... by @jimmyvanilla
  5. Chrome 80 Blocking Push Notifications
  6. How I Built a Push List That Makes Me $xxx/day as a Small Time Affiliate by @sushiparlour
  7. 2020 Monetizer Push Subscribers List by @John P.
  8. 2020 PPV vs Monetizer Final Countdown (10 Days & 10 Goals) by @jimmyvanilla
  9. 2020 Monetizer SmartLink Campaign by @Millie
  10. 100k Subscribers in Egypt with $500 Spent
Big thank you to @jimmyvanilla for his hard work and great content last month! :)

Most Popular Topics Discussed

Push notifications have been the most discussed topic for a few months now, but this month that has changed!
  1. PPV
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Pops Guide
  4. Getting Started
  5. Affiliate Networks
It makes me happy there is so much activity going on in my beginners course (Pops Guide). I am planning to release a few more courses this year. It's also great to see so much discussions going on in the Affiliate Networks section. We should have some new networks in there soon!

CrakRevenue Review Article

Top Articles

I have been driving quite a bit of traffic to our Articles through retarget and awareness advertising on Facebook. I also updated the site to feature various Articles throughout the site to help with both SEO and awareness. We only published a few new Articles last month, but we still have some getting a lot of traffic 👍

We will be publishing many more articles in 2020.


Top Affiliate Resources

Another change I made in January was driving more engagement to our top resources in our Affiliate Marketing Link Directory. We will be doing more and more marketing of these listings because they perform really well. We're driving a lot of engagement to resources affiliates need and in return these great companies are getting business from our community. It's a "win" for everyone!
  1. Monetizer
  2. PureLander
  3. PopAds
  4. MyLead
  5. BeMob
  6. PropellerAds Pops
  7. Advertizer Push
  8. DatsPush
  9. AdMaven Push
  10. MegaPush
I would like to also thank every single one of those companies for being a part of our community (even PopAds, who silently helps 😆).

Top Posters

It's pretty awesome that every month the top posts within the community seems to change. There are a few people who are usually on the top 10, but there are new members often replacing them.

Here are the top 10 members last month based on activity:
A lot has been going on within affLIFT over the past month. We're making rapid changes to the community for the better and we're seeing more and more helpful discussions.

One thing that I think stands out and makes affLIFT different than a lot of other communities is our culture. As we continue to grow, I want to maintain that culture so we can continue to to have the most helpful, friendly, and open community available :)

Onward and upward 🚀


Well-known member
Community Leader
that's pretty good going, it has definitely been a crazy start to the year for me, just hope it continues 🤞


Thank you, Luke, for adding our company to the Top 10 Affiliate Resources ;) We still have a lot of collaboration ahead of us:cool: