Case Study 100k Subscribers in Egypt with $500 Spent

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Apr 17, 2018
This month, I've spent ~$500 so far building a push subscriber list on Monetizer in Egypt. I've documented the process pretty well in my follow alongs here and here, but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the results look like so far and share them with you.

Traffic SourceVisitsConversionsPush SubscribersRevenueCostProfitCPVCV (CR)ROI

As you can see, I've tested 4 traffic sources buying pop traffic in Egypt. My biggest source by far is PropellerAds, but I've also tested RichPops, HilltopAds, and AdMaven.

For the most part, the campaign is breakeven so far. However, I should continue to make money from a majority of the 104,246 push subscribers I've generated for another week or two.

Most everyone I talked to thought that building a list of subscribers in Egypt was a waste of time because the push revenue from them was going to be so low. After reviewing the results, I don't disagree, but we'll see how it looks as I collect more push revenue. Because I already have push revenue coming in that has helped make this
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