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We open RichPops beta for testing and would love to get your feedback



Dec 11, 2019
Hello Guys!

My name is Eugene, I’m a Product Manager at @Rich_Push and RichPops. We have just launched a beta of our new platform RichPops, a pop traffic ad network.

The aim was to create a network that would perfectly meet the growing needs of professional affiliate marketers.

Earlier we’ve successfully implemented automation and optimization features like automated rules and micro bidding in Richpush (push traffic) and applying the same experience to Richpops platform (more info about the features is here:

The new feature we worked on is called Source Sampling. It helps estimate the quality of clicks you get in a small amount from different sources, select the best ones and create Whitelists accordingly.

Btw, if you need any support, you’ll get an account manager once you’ve registered on the platform.

Now there are a number of targeting options like OS, Regions, Carriers, Sites, etc.

Our team’s roadmap at the moment includes a new target option unavailable on other platforms and advanced anti-bot filter - we’ll share the updates here.

The main goal right now is to get feedback about what you like or don’t like about the platform. I hope you would
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