Binom 2.0 Beta



Grandpa affLIFT
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Dec 1, 2018
So I see a message the other day on my Binom server about the new 2.0 Beta, I've been waiting for this for past couple years so just had to sign up :p

The new Binom is written in Go with a Clikchouse/Postgress DB, going to have fun playing with this.

Binom 2.0 Beta Test!
The new version of our tracker is in its final stage of development, and we want to invite you to participate in the beta testing! All you need to have is an active license and a clean server.

Binom 2.0 improves on several fronts:
- New< design
- Updated GEO and device databases
- New< architecture
- Ability to withstand up to 10 times higher loads
- Capacity to process more than 100 million clicks daily
- Up to 10 times faster report generation
- Capability to build larger reports
- Database that is 2 times lighter
- Increased redirect speed
- New multi-user features

Nearly all features from Binom 1.0 are already present in Binom 2.0 (with the exception of FB, Google, Aspect integration, Triggers, and several minor features).
Binom 2.0 receives updates regularly, and soon enough, it will not
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