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Guide Spy on Native Ads "Adplexity Native Vs Anstrex Native" 2023 Edition



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Apr 9, 2019
Adplexity Native and Anstrex Native have been Explained well in Afflift before "2019 -2020" three years ago,
With this updated version of these two tools, I will explain the difference between these two powerful tools.
you can check the guide of Adplexity Native, by @servandosilva

and the other guide of Anstrex native by me

So let's Start.
P.s you can choose which tool you will use according to each Comparision point, if adplexity OR anstrex Covers what you are looking for or Not, For example "traffic source, Geo, Device"

1- Data :
huge database with more than 20+ million Ads, since it started earlier than Anstrex
Anstrex: less database with more than 10+ Million Ads

2- Traffic sources :
Adplexity: 10
Traffic Sources only, including "Outbrain, Mgid, Taboola, RevContent, AdsKeeper, Yahoo Gemini, AdNow,, AdBlade, Nativo"
Anstrex: 27 Traffic Sources. including "AdNow, Adblade, AdsKeeper, AdupTech, Colombia,, Dianomi, EngageYa, Google, Jubna, Decide (LockerDome), Logly, MSN, Mgid, NewsMax, Outbrain, Plista, Popin, PostQuare, Jeeng (PowerInbox), Revcontent, Speakol, Taboola, Twiago, Yahoo, Yengo, Zergnet"

you will notice that all traffic sources on adplexity are covered y Anstrex except Nativo, and Anstrex has around 18 more networks

3- Geos :
57 Countries. Top 10 countries " United States (1,471,760), Brazil (848312), India (806634), United Kingdom (763444), Indonesia (634518), Italy (570586), Germany (564904), Mexico (553569), Viet Nam (522891), Turkey (522194)"
Anstrex: 80 Countries, Top 10 Countries "USA (372306), UK (140168), Canada (167480), Australia (81501), Brazil (87522), Germany (85657), France (68560), India (70688), Singapore (70106), S. Korea (55561),

4- Device Type:
Device Filter is much stronger here, it provides all Types of Devices Not Mobile-Desktop only

Anstrex: it provides Onlt Mobile-Desktop Filter

5- The new Feature of Adplexity is the "Arbitrage network" Filter -still in Beta -it is present in both Adplexity Mobiles, Adplexity Desktop,

* in Anstrex you will find Search Adsarbitrage on Technology tab.

6- Search:
Exactly as When i compared Adplxity Desktop with Anstrex Pops

in both tools, you can start searching in general, or specifically for certain networks, with the Search Function.

1- Adplexity: has a powerful Search in terms " it able to search of any single combination or parts of words along the redirect chain,on the Other Side

2-Anstrex is powerful in terms of Boolean Search you Can combine 2 or more words-Filters in your search "but sometimes it can't search for specific parts of words as adplexity"

7- LandingPage download
Exactly as When i compared Adpelxity Desktop with Anstrex Pops

has already downloaded all landing pages and the landing page you see on the preview will be downloaded "I think it's already saved with Adplexity data" i have downloaded some landing pages back to 2019 and older.

Adplexity has a variety of LPs, if many affiliates running the same LPs, with different edits, you can download them all

Anstrex: Not all landing pages are already downloaded, some aren't and some LPs have only previews, some need you to be sure the link is still active

8- Redirect Chain:

Powerful and have as many Affiliates running the same landing page /offer
and once clicking on each link all new statistics appear for this specific Campaign "too powerful with huge data"

2- Anstrex:
Only one redirect chain for Each Ad. and main filtration depends on the last landing page redirect chain "that may give false results while adding another
filter" like the landing page filter, you are directed to all offers related to that link, so it may be inaccurate "sometimes"
but also have the publisher Ur; as an exclusive feature on Anstrex.

Adplexity Exclusive Feautres :
1- Searching with Image tag :
very good on getting alot of veritey of creative, its some kinda can replace Category filter of anstrex and sometimes it powerful .
P.s if you dont know what tag to search for , just press any letter and it will give you suggession list

2- Similar Ads, " First Time Similar Ads Tool. within Adplexity Tools " is more accurate than That of anstrex. but not all ads have similar Ads, I have searched too many to find a working one. too little value

3- Searching within a specific time range: Adplexity lets you search in a specific time range on the last 4 years, you can search for a specific week in 2021, 2020, etc..

Anstrex Exclusive Feautres :
1- Category and Technology filters:
both are very useful filters

2- Ability to add Very custom networks /filters by using the Boolean Search function:
by Adding more than one filter "domain+ certain URL structure to the search and save it "

3- Search directly for the Landing page: this new feature that has been added to both anstrex push and Native - is too powerful when searching for a specific landing page. or even for inspiration for a landing page related to a specific Category /niche

4- Auto translation of Creative text when you rollover it , it will give you an idea immedatelly abou the running Ads, but dont depend on it as the main tranlsation.

Both tools unique strengths, Some campaigns are exclusively found on Adplexity, while others are specifically available on Anstrex.

If there are additional differences between these two tools, I'd be happy to delve into them further and provide detailed explanations.

Which tool do you intend to use or test? Adplexity Native- Anstrex Native ..