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Native advertising is the perfect ad type when it comes to content marketing and promoting brands. It is also the best defense against ad blockers. While other ads can be hidden or stopped by ad-blocking extensions or software, native ads are not. Since native ads are not as intrusive as other ad types, there is hardly a need for browsers to stop them from showing up.

Native ads do not disrupt the user experience as they seem to be organic content recommendations. This is why the click-through rate with this type of ad is among the highest. If you decide to try native advertising, I would recommend several well-established providers such as Outbrain, MGID, and Taboola. However, one ad network you shouldn’t overlook is RevContent.


A Brief Background on RevContent

Established in 2013, RevContent is one of the youngest players in the native advertising industry. Still, it did not disappoint when it comes to providing volume. Plus it offers you access to popular websites such as and

They are known to be very strict when it comes to accepting new publishers. For instance, they require the blog’s content to be in English. Also, the monthly traffic should be at least 50,000. Even if an aspiring publisher meets these qualifications, RevContent still does a rigorous check on the website, which results in many applications being rejected.

As their website explicitly declares, they have a 98% rejection rate, which simply means they are very strict and they value website quality. Because of this, affiliates and media buyers can rest assured that their ads will be displayed on reputable websites only. If you check RevContent in SimilarWeb, you will find that the majority of RevContent’s traffic comes from the United States, which is a good sign.

What I Love about RevContent

Because of its huge volume, I was excited to try out this content recommendation network. Here’s what I learned (and liked!) about them:

Has two bid types
I like that you have the option to choose between CPC and vCPM (viewable CPM) when running campaigns. I initially went for CPC, and once I found a winning ad creative, I went for vCPM so that I would get lower costs for the clicks I receive.

There are two optimization options, and these are via engagement (clicks) or CPA ROI. In the beginning, I used engagement by default, and then I switched to CPA ROI in new campaigns based on the results of my test.

Retargeting Option
Retargeting works great for marketing because you can be assured that your audience has already been warmed up. Based on experience, conversions are high when remarketing offers, so I love that RevContent ads have this option.

Widget Optimization
As I mentioned above, even the widgets can be blacklisted or whitelisted. This is great because, with other networks, you can only block per publisher or website. With RevContent ads, I can check which widgets of a specific website work best for me and I can focus on those.

Push Notification Option
Push ads are the newest form of native ads. Many of my campaigns performed well in other push notification networks, so I was overjoyed when they began offering this as well.

Low Initial Deposit Requirement
You typically need a lot of money to promote offers via native ads, as it is not a quick-converting ad type. This is why most native ads providers require a huge amount for the initial deposit. While RevContent does not indicate a minimum deposit amount, they require a minimum daily budget of $100. So you would need to deposit at least this amount to start running a campaign.

RevContent minimum deposit: $100

Once the funds in your account drop to $25, the platform pauses the campaign to anticipate overages. To restart or keep your campaign running, you can add as little as $50.

What I Hate about RevContent

Okay, so “hate” may be too strong a word to describe what I utterly dislike about RevContent, but nevertheless, here they are:

Really slow approval times
Sometimes it will take as much as two weeks before your campaign gets approved! They did indicate at the very beginning that sometimes campaign approvals take more than ten days. But in a fast-paced business like affiliate marketing, ten days is too long.

A lot of bad quality traffic
RevContent has a lot of traffic, and they pride themselves on being picky with the publishers they accept. But still, you will have to weed through terrible traffic before you find winners. Towards the end of 2019, RevContent announced that they will remove low-quality publishers from their network. It remains to be seen whether the network is successful in doing so.

Brand Targeting has been removed
Just this December 2019, RevContent removed the brand targeting so you won't be able to target websites anymore. This was one of the things that attracted me to RevContent so it's disappointing that this option has been pulled out.

Should you try RevContent? I would say if you have a lot of budget, do it. You may have to spend some money to find the best performing websites and placements, but once you find them, they’re gold.

Also, I would suggest promoting long-term and stable offers. If the lifetime of your offer is pretty short, by the time your campaign is approved, it may already be dead.

This RevContent review was written by affLIFT member, Jairene 😃

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RevContent is one of the top performing native ad networks currently available (and affiliate friendly). Tons of great traffic.

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