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If you’re looking for a native advertising platform with a wide reach and an established reputation, MGID is the one for you.

Founded in 2008, MGID is currently one of the top three most well-known native traffic providers in the world. Native advertising is great for brand awareness as well as affiliate offer promotions. They also offer push notification traffic, which you can combine with native ads to boost your campaigns.

MGID Features

MGID has some really cool features that set it apart as a native ad network. Here are 7 features that show why you should start using them for your affiliate marketing:

MGID can target up to 850 million users and can display up to 165 million native ads per month through its 22 thousand publisher websites.

Category Targeting
To make sure your ads are shown only in relevant websites, you can choose among its 41 categories such as business and finance, food and drink, home and garden, and more.

In-depth Targeting
You can target users based on Operating Systems, browser versions, browsers, language, location and even time.

Selective Bidding
You can assign bids based on placements and not by campaigns. This way, you can bid more on placements that work best for you, and reduce bids on the rest. This minimizes the need to whitelist and blacklist sources.

Detailed Analytics
If you don’t have a separate tracker, you can use MGID’s analytics dashboard. Their analytics is as detailed as you need your native ads reports to be, while still being intuitive and easy to use.

Conversion tracking & Optimization
You can also track your offer conversions and optimize straight in the MGID ads dashboard.

Anti-Fraud Features
They use Forensiq technologies coupled with in-house QA department for their anti-fraud systems.

Top Verticals
You can run MGID ads on almost any type of offer, but the top verticals are:
  • Mobile and Desktop App installs
  • Weight loss, Skincare, Male Enhancement and more
  • Gambling
  • Dating
  • E-commerce
  • Business and Finance
  • Adult
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MGID Ads Content & Landing Page Rating

To provide a safe and effective venue for advertising, MGID evaluates content and landing pages in order to display them in appropriate publisher websites. The following are the content ratings that MGID utilizes:
  • General (G) – accepts fitness, beauty and health, self-improvement and swimwear ads
  • Parental Guidance (PG) – includes all under G, plus politics, religion, sex, STDs and weight loss
  • NC17 – includes everything under G, plus advertisements for alcohol and e-cigarettes, body art, current public policy, energy and brain boosters, gambling, politics, STDs, violence and weight loss
  • Rated R – includes all under PG, plus violence, suggestive content, gambling, energy and brain boosters, dating, current public policy, body art, alcohol and e-cigarettes, and adult novelty gifts
  • NSFW – this allows adult novelty gifts, alcohol and e-cigarettes, body art, dating, fitness, gambling, beauty and health, partial nudity, sex, suggestive content, swimwear, violence, and weight loss.

Tracking Tokens

MGID provides tracking tokens/marcos that you can use to help track and optimize your native campaigns. Here is a complete list of their tokens:

MGID Tracking TokenToken Description
{campaign_id}ID of the campaign
{category_id}ID of ad category
{click_id}ID of the placement
{click_price}Reports the costs actually paid for the click
{geo}Geographical region of the user
{teaser_id}ID represents a unique ad ID
{widget_id}Provides click parameters for post-back reporting

MGID Account Types and Payment Options

MGID essentially has two types of accounts, and these are:
  1. Self-Serve – MGID minimum deposit is $100 for this type of account. You will have to set-up and manage your own campaigns.
  2. Full Serve – minimum deposit amount for this account type is $500. You’ll be qualified to have an account manager who can provide support 24/7. They can help you set-up a campaign, and even provide you information on what type of offers work best at the moment, which are the most effective publishers for your offer, and more.
You can use Webmoney, credit card or PayPal to fund your account.

MGID Bonus

affLIFT members can get an exclusive bonus when you sign up using our MGID bonus link. Get a 25% credit match for a minimum deposit of $500 to a maximum of $5,000. This bonus is valid for new accounts and for the first deposit only.

Questions about MGID? Check out the Official MGID Thread here on affLIFT and you can communicate directly with the MGID team! 🚀

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Maybe 3.5 would be better, but not possible. Here are some issues I've had so far. But please read my review till the end, cos there are some very good things about them as well.

Often they will send you promos with their CPA partners especially in COD - Cash On Delivery niche, like AdCombo, LeadBit. If you spend on some specific offers and GEOs $500 you will get $50 cashback, or the Aff Network will raise your payout for 10% and similar. I've made tons of money with AdCombo and LeadBit, but mainly through FB ads, at the time when it was much easier to run Nutra Ads on FB, some 3 years ago But with MGID it never was a case.

As soon as I've made my first deposit, some 3 years ago, I've got tons of emails from them to rise deposit to $500 because I would get a dedicated manager. I did. But all of a sudden, all my running campaigns start draining my budget rapidly, even with daily click / budget limits set on them, which was working nicely before I've made a higher deposit. Anyway, I did delete all campaigns and still, it overspent was like 5x more. They never refunded me back, try to explain that it is possible to overspend and so on and forth. Due to that I never again funded more than $300 at once. I don't need such "benefits" like I've got the first time I did.

And slow approvals, are a problem. In CPA it is sometimes very important for tests to get your Ads to review fast and running. However, it looks to me that recently things changed for the better.

So, why I've spent more than $14.000 with them? Well, if you are a small business owner, and have your own brand products it might work well for you. If the product is your brand, no tons of other affiliates like in CPA networks to compete with. In such case MGID works well. My wife and I had our own cosmetics line, and MGID was working for us very well. But, things changed last year in June. They introduce some changes for the better of everyone. I was ready to see a drop in my ROI, based on my experience - whenever Ad Platform say they change something for the better, usually expect the opposite. Since then, I was forced to use some other Native platforms, because ROI was close to nothing. Last month I did a final test with $350 and I hardly get it back thought sales. Funny is , all my fresh ads were all the sudden running almost exclusively on just 1 Pub ID. Why, who knows. Maybe I step up on some foots, I don't know.

In conclusion, test them. It is worth giving them a try.

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