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Dear Afflift Forum Community,

We are thrilled to start our official thread on affLIFT! This is where we’ll answer your questions, share our updates and insights, publish special deals and run giveaways. Subscribe to this thread’s updates to be in the know!

Let us introduce ourselves properly. MGID is a global native advertising network. Since our foundation in 2008, we’ve become a leading content discovery platform targeting 850 million unique readers with 165 billion recommendations monthly. We have native widgets on more than 22 000 websites, and we keep on growing.

MGID is an affiliate-friendly native advertising network. Our moderation rules are simple and transparent, yet fully compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads.

Native ads at MGID are not mere banners randomly displayed to everyone. All the websites we partner with are divided into 41 categories. So, rest assured your ads will find your target audience. And the creatives we help you prepare will trigger it toward the right action.

Alternatively, we’ve got another trendy ad format at your disposal – push notifications. We are true to our “native selves” even here. How? We mix native with promoted content in push, providing value to the customers, engagement to the publishers, and conversions to the advertisers.

There are a couple of reasons to start working with MGID. One of them – our top-notch account managers. If you register and deposit at least $500, you’ll automatically get access to the qualified 24/7 support. Our account managers know best what’s hot on the market right now and how to set up a perfectly-optimized ad campaign.

We’ll tell you more about MGID’s optimization tools in our upcoming publications. Selective Bidding, Traffic Insights, Price Recommendation Engine – these features in the MGID’s dashboard are worth dedicating a separate blog post. Moreover, we’ll tell you how to use them when promoting dating offers.

We obviously had to mention a special deal in our introductory post. And we are pleased to offer one to our dear friend @Luke , who’s been contributing to our industry development by managing this forum.

So, sign up by following this link, and get a 25% on top of your $500+ first deposit.

And feel free to contact us any time you’re in doubt in the Intercom Chat Live support or via email [email protected]. You can also check our Knowledge Base on

Stay tuned!
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Very cool graphic! I am excited to have MGID in the community. I have many publishers at PeerFly that have been running MGID for a long time successfully. We do not have much native content yet so it's great to have a company that has been doing native for so long to advise us.

Also, I've heard MGID is doing push notifications now, which is exciting :)




What is native advertising? Native advertising includes paid ads that matсh the look of the media format in which they appear and become part of the site's content. That is why it evokes more confidence among the users and does not disturb the user's experience like those annoying banners.

What does native advertising look like? There are six types of ad units in native advertising: in-feed units on social media; paid search units on Google/Yahoo/Bing etc; recommendation widgets (MGID); promoted listings; and in-ad with native element units.

Why are people increasingly turning to Native Advertising? According to Forbes ‚‘It’s estimated that native ads will be responsible for 74 percent of all ad revenue by 2021, and it’s already poised to reach $21 billion this year’’. That’s the deal-breaker, isn’t it?

When working with native advertising, you should ensure your ads match the overall page design and function and look like other elements on the page. In general, ad units should be compatible with the surrounding content. It’s also important to note that native ad networks recommend products/services relevant to the website’s content and the users’ browsing experience.

How to start making money with native advertising?

Step 1. Choose a reliable and efficient network.


In addition, the full-serve platform gives you access to MGID custom creatives service, allowing the team of qualified designers and content creators to help you create better ad units with higher CTR.

Step 2. Set up and launch a campaign. This process consists of the following actions: sign up and add funds on your account; after the approval by the system, set up your campaign (name it, choose campaign type, select campaign category, upload creatives, decide on the targeting, set the bid prices); once the moderation team approves it, you can launch the campaign!

TIP 1. We suggest setting up extensive targeting options. MGID allows you to target the audience by different variables: OS (Operating Systems), Browsers, Browser Versions, and Languages (Both Search & Browser Language).

TIP 2. Don’t start your campaign with low bids, as you will lose the opportunity to test quality placements. In addition, remnant traffic is another disadvantage of low bids.

TIP 3. Benefit from MGID's selective bidding. Using this option allows you to change bids on placements, not on the campaign level. Giving you an opportunity to be able to identify better performing advertisement and improve the quality of your traffic volume.

Check and get your bonus!

P.S. Please, if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

Stay tuned!


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Hi, everyone! Today we want to talk to you about moderation.

Moderation is the process of checking the content on the site of our publishers. MGID had previously experienced some problems related to the speed of the moderators. However, we already declare that we have successfully coped with the old shortcomings. Today, ads in English will be moderated in 24 hours, and in other languages in up to 72 hours. So, in this post, we give recommendations for partners who want to avoid their ads being rejected.

At first, you should note that there are prohibited practices, contents, and products listed below. By following our rules and avoiding the usage of these prohibited materials and practices in your creatives, you will decrease your moderation time and get profit faster.


We also suggest making sure your creatives look good, images are correctly cropped, centered, do not look cheap and are of high quality. Moreover, don’t use cheap intrigue in texts and make sure you have a high level of literacy. Do not end the sentence with an ellipsis trying to intrigue your readers and get them to click – use an original and engaging title instead. We accept ads in 65 different languages and employ native speakers to check language accuracy and literacy. However, you should note, that texts written or translated by a native speaker pass the moderation 3 times faster.

In addition, MGID uses the anti-duplicate feature. This software allows preventing the appearance of two identical images or ads. By doing so, we ensure the diversity of ads shown to the public and allow the users to conduct A/B testing continuously.

Check and get your bonus!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, leave your comments below!

Stay tuned!

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Hi, everyone :D

Today we want to talk to you about 5 native ad mistakes affiliates should avoid making :unsure:

Native advertising continues to grow worldwide and generate high incomes. According to Emarketer, it’s estimated to allocate $41.14 billion to native digital display ads in 2019. By 2021, digital ad spending is projected to reach $129.26 billion in the U.S. Looking at the broader regional trends, Asia Pacific and North America proved to be the most profitable sources of income for digital advertisers. Digital Ad Spend is expected to reach more than $120 billion and $110 billion, accordingly.

Sounds encouraging enough, right? In this post, we are going to tell you about 5 native ad mistakes affiliates should avoid making. So, let’s take a look at them!

1. Too high short-term expectations

You should understand that using a new traffic source may not immediately give you the expected results. Frustration will force you to make mistakes and wrong decisions, which you will regret in the end. Thus, we suggest being patient while testing and adjusting what you’re doing until you begin to see the results. It’s important to continuously check and optimize your campaigns.

2. Lack of effective creatives

Keep your consumer in mind while making creatives. Sometimes, it happens that your tastes may not match the tastes of your audience. Thus, split-test the different audiences with several creatives to identify the best-performing ones.

Don’t copy other people's images and translate texts through Google translate! We strongly suggest using spy tools as a source of inspiration, rather than a stock of ready-made solutions. Sources like Pikwizard, Pexels and Unsplash allow you to get high-quality great-looking pictures.

Use images with people, as they are more preferred. Saturated colors and light shades stand out on the page and catch consumer’s attention. It is also important to highlight that the images should be simple and not overloaded.

Think of creative captures and don’t forget to triple-check the copy. No matter how seductive and selling it is, no one will ever buy your “wait-loss produck”.

Localize your ads properly. You should take into account the cultural differences of countries, their mentalities, taboos, and language features. It would be rash to advertise beef products in India, where the cow is considered as a sacred animal.

3. Neglecting platform features

Native ad networks provide you with various useful tools that will teach you about every parameter of your campaign. By using them efficiently, you will get better performance. MGID uses traffic insights, selective bidding, and a price recommendation engine to provide you with more control. These dashboard features were developed as an answer to their clients’ feedback and now they help them maximize the ROI of their ads.

4. Neglecting your account manager

Our platform assigns an account manager to the users who deposited 500$ or more. They will teach you how to properly use the network's features and share a lot of valuable data with you. Putting this knowledge into practice will boost your campaign’s performance.

5. Neglecting your audience

As we've mentioned above - «keep your audience in mind». Your aim is to provide a value-added experience to the potential consumers and make them engage with your content. Use various approaches, that will help you to trigger a user’s emotions and persuade them enough to generate a conversion at the end of the sales path.

P.S. Story-telling works best with native.

We hope you will find this information useful. Please, if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

Check and get your bonus!

Stay tuned!

MGID Team :cool:

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Hi, dear forum community:D

Today we are going to tell you about verticals in native advertising.

Vertical is a type of alike goods that specifies methods and approaches of arbitrage, traffic sources, creatives, and approaches you will use for the promotion of a certain offer.


MOBILE/DESKTOP installs. These offers imply the subscriptions (CPA) or downloads (CPI).
- Games
- Software and services
- Utilities are apps oriented at the improvement of performance of mobile and desktop devices.
- Sweepstakes are prize draws where a random user becomes a winner. For instance: “Get 100 € for shopping in …”, “Get an iPhone X …”. In general, participants are asked to fill out a form (CPL).

GAMBLING. Bets on sports, poker, or casino are always in trend. Try to promote offers in Thailand and Malaysia. But, you should keep in mind that offers must have a license.

NUTRA consists of health products, dietary supplements, weight loss products, skin care, products that stimulate brain activity, adult products, such as enlargers for men. In the LATAM countries (Latin America) such as Brazil, as well as USA and Canada, this vertical has seen a great success! These offers imply a subscription (CPA) or CPS (direct sales or payment on delivery).

DATING is based on CPL (completing the form) or CPS (subscription with card details). While working with creatives, we advise you to focus mainly on menfolks, as they represent the majority of the audience. Dating is very lucrative in U.S., UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc.

TRAVEL is comprised of ticket purchase, hotel reservations, and travel planning. Here, you have a variety of options: CPI (travel app download), СPS (credit card billing for booking travel from the landing page) or CPS/CPL (call center in action).

ADULT CONTENT. The name speaks for itself. It includes dating offers, webcam and other 18+ products and services.

E-COMMERCE deals with promoting online stores and the products they sell.

FINANCES include insurance, credit, and binary options. In general, here you work with CPL. We suggest considering such GEOs as India, Chile, South-Africa, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Vietnam, Slovakia, Spain, France, Romania, and Russia.

This was an introductory post to the topic. Further, we will look at each vertical in more detail.

Check and get your bonus!

Please, if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

Stay tuned!

MGID Team ;)
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Hi MGID team,

Does MGID accept Adult Dating campaigns? Do I have to just ensure no nudity in my creatives and first landing page? Any suggestions how to get my campaign approved and what to look out for?

I used another traffic source and sometimes they will even go beyond the first landing page and look at the offer itself. I guess it depends on the person who is approving it.



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Sorry, I did not explain that well. You're right, on the website you do have live support. But on your dashboard where our campaigns are there are no icons for support.


Sorry, I did not explain that well. You're right, on the website you do have live support. But on your dashboard where our campaigns are there are no icons for support.
Well, we don't have the message icon right at the dashboard. However, your manager must be in touch with you. Could you please let us know your email in pm. Just want to make sure that you'll receive some help.