Native ads are ad units that perfectly fit the look of a media format. They look like part of the content and do not annoy the users as banner ads do. Usually, native ad units go with a caption “Recommended by”, “Suggested post” or “Sponsored’’ etc.

A recent study by the Native Advertising Institute proved that consumers find native advertising to be more interesting, informative, and trustworthy compared to traditional advertising. So, this is a good chance for marketers to provide a unique user experience. This is what we have been doing at MGID for more than 10 years. During this period we’ve proven the reliability of the partnership established between us and the affiliate marketers.


Alternatively, push notifications are another trendy ad format at your disposal. We know how to mix original content with promoted content in push notifications, providing value to the customers, engagement to the publishers, and conversions to the advertisers.


MGID Native Advertising

Considering the specifics of native advertising, over many years of testing, we have found out that dating, nutraceuticals, and gambling are best-performing in terms of affiliate marketing verticals. People are always interested in finding a partner, preserving youth and excitement, so it is easier to create intriguing and enticing content for these product categories.

We recommend testing offers for different GEOs depending on your budget and experience. You should not put everything only in the USA or Tier 1 countries, there is fierce competition, and due to this, there is not so much traffic you can acquire quickly and making much profit is doubtful.

As to gambling, you should keep in mind, that online casino is not allowed in various countries. If you consider the USA, the social casino, especially slot-type games, is the one you should try first. The industry generates over $4 billion in revenues annually. As to other GEOs, we recommend you to promote betting offers in Ukraine, Russia (certified betting only) and casino offers in Canada.

Nutraceuticals products include health supplements, skin care products, vitamins, weight loss, brain support, and male enhancement. Before launching campaigns, MGID carefully studies its composition, substances, and checks the pharmacy’s license. Then, while choosing Nutra offers, affiliates should take into account the seasonal effect. For instance, weight-loss products are sold better before summer or winter seaside vacation. Finally, based on our experience, we recommend promoting health & beauty products in Asia and Europe (make sure you have decent payouts to make it work).

Dating Offers on MGID

Further, dating never loses its relevance! It’s divided into adult, casual, and mainstream. First two categories entail one-night stand, webcam services, and revealing content full of nude models and body parts and it’s prohibited in MGID. By contrast, mainstream is more about finding the right partner for long-term relationships.

But first of all, we suggest you do research before creating a campaign. It’s essential to find out cultural features and preferences. By using spy tools like AdPlexity, you can observe your competitors and their best-performing content. But, it is important to understand that simply copying the teaser from AdPlexity is not an option. We suggest using a spy tool purely for inspiration.

Content related to dating offers prohibits online dating sites offering intimate encounters and sexual contacts; pornographic and overtly erotic material; using vulgar phrases and so on. It is also not allowed to use images with genitals, female breast with nipples, sexual intercourse, and the sexualization of minors in adult content.

Here is a great example of a push notification dating teaser and landing, which are compliant with our requirements.



Gambling on MGID

As to gambling, storytelling landings proved to be effective. It is not allowed to promote gambling as a lifestyle and as a source of main income. You can demonstrate different luxuries in order to evoke in people the desire to own these products. Images of people gathered together at the table enjoying the game are also giving the user the right feeling of comfort, having a high CTR as a consequence.



In health-related content, false statements or fraudulent claims are strictly prohibited. Affiliates should play with shock and curiosity, as these two emotions lead to higher conversions. Then, we also suggest you use a storytelling approach with “before & after” photos.


Furthermore, there are 4 types of creatives:
  • PG
  • R
  • NC17
  • NSFW
PG requires parental guidance, R is restricted to view by persons under the age of 17 (with permission or in the presence of adults), NC17: No One 17 and Under Admitted; and NSFW: Not Safe for Work: content with erotic implication.

PRO TIP. As you see, every category has its audience, so, if you want to get more traffic, do not limit yourself to one category. We suggest diversifying your content with different types of teasers.

On the whole, images should be of good quality, mainly in bright colors and with well-written text. As to the moderation process, all teasers and landing pages are manually moderated in MGID. Usually, it takes up to 24 hours for content in English to pass moderation.

MGID provides users with various useful tech-savvy features. You can change the bid for each source through Selective Bidding - if one performs poorly, you can manually lower the bid. Then, after testing the campaign, Price Recommendation tool shows you how many clicks you would have received with a higher bid. With Traffic Insights, you see hot opportunities, best-performing, and low-competition GEOs. It enables you to predict the budget for test and optimization and avoid running your campaigns blindfolded.

We are happy to be part of the affLIFT community. MGID has recently started an official thread, where we analyze in details everything mentioned in this post. Stay tuned and follow us!

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