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MGID Push Notifications
MGID, one of the most popular sources for native ads traffic, is now introducing a new traffic type for advertisers – and this is none other than push notifications.

Push traffic is an effective way to promote your content and increase brand awareness. It has also become a conversion magnet for many affiliates who dove head on to mastering this traffic. If you’d like to give it a try, MGID Push Notifications is a good place to start as any, especially with its low minimum deposit of $100.

Keep in mind that with any traffic provider, MGID push has limitations. Their push ads content guidelines are the same as with their native ads regulations. Of course, make sure you know what is not allowed in MGID.

MGID Push Ads Features

Engaged Subscribers
The advantage of using MGID as compared to other push ads providers is that they mix native content with promoted content. This means the subscriber remains engaged with the push notifications that are being served to them since most of it is what they are initially interested in, and what made them opt-in to receive notifications in the first place.

MGID makes use of categories to properly segment publishers or push sources. Choose a category that closely represents what you are promoting. Alternatively, you can choose a category based on the type of audience you want to promote to.

Traffic Insights
MGID lets you know opportunities for you and your campaigns by providing insights on their available traffic. The Traffic Insights dashboard will show you three things:
  1. Hot Opportunities – this shows you where you can get cheaper traffic for the same or better value that you are looking for. This also displays where competition has temporarily dropped, so you have to grab it fast before someone else does.
  2. Best Performing – this shows you targets that have low competition, or where you can get high-quality traffic for a low price.
  3. Low Competition – this shows you placements that have high volume but low competition.
Push Traffic Capping
If you promote your offers in various push traffic providers, chances are you may have shown your ad to the same person more than once. Why? Because many networks share subscriber base. To minimize this from happening to you, MGID utilizes a cross-network users mapping system so that your ads are shown only to subscribers whom you have not yet promoted to.

Personal Account Manager
If you deposit at least $500, you will have your own account manager who will help you with campaign creation and optimization. They may even provide you with insight into what type of offers are working best for push. You will also have access to their custom creative service who will build custom teasers in order for your ads to gain more engagement and clicks. Make sure to maintain a balance of $500 in your account to keep your dedicated account manager though.

MGID Bonus

affLIFT members who sign up through our MGID promo code will get a 25% bonus when the first deposit is at least $500.

🚀 Make sure to check out the official MGID thread for more information on how to run push traffic with them!

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Slow for approvals but easy to run CPA campaigns for starters. Decent volume in Europe, LATAM and APAC.

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