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Anstrex is one of the leading providers of spy tools for ad monitoring. The company provides software that can monitor native ads, push notification ads, and dropshipping ads. By unlocking your competitors' secrets, you might just be able to create winning campaigns for yourself!

This spy tool is a must-have in your marketing arsenal. It allows you to gather data and information on competitors, analyze their advertising strategies, and come up with new ways of marketing a specific offer.

Anstrex Affiliate Spy Tools​

Anstrex offers two tools for affiliate marketing purposes: one for spying on native ads and one for spying on push notification ads.

Native Ads Spy Tool​

Priced at $69.99 per month, you can track and monitor your competitors' native ads running in 27 native ad networks and spanning 80 countries. To date, they have collected a total of 10 million native ads from more than 156 thousand advertisers.

Push Notification Ads Spy Tool​

This tool is for those who work with push notification ads. The spy software tracks and monitors 38 different ad networks, spanning a total of 92 countries.

Anstrex Push Spy Tool has collected ads from more than 32,000 advertisers resulting in at least three million advertisements. Unlike its sibling that focuses on native ads, this one costs $89.99 per month.

Pop Ads Spy Tool​

If you are looking for most accurate pop ads spy tool then look no further. Anstrex pop spy tool scrapes data using real mobile devices using IP addresses of real mobile networks from around the globe. The data quality is second to none.

The tool has data from 32 different pop ad-networks, 850+ mobile carriers spread in 92 countries. In addition to Android devices, the tool also has data on desktop PC pop ads as well as iOS pop ads. It is priced at $89.99 per month.

Push + Native Plan​

If you're looking for a better deal, it would be best to go for the Push and Native Ads Bundle deal which is priced at $139.99. That's $20 less than what you would have to pay if you subscribe to both tools separately.

Push + Native + Pop Plan​

If you're looking for all-in-one deal, subscribing to this plan will result in significant savings. It is currently priced at $219.99. That's whopping $45 less than their already reasonable price.

Anstrex Review

Features of Native, Push Notification and Pop Ads Spy Tools​

If you're looking for some creative inspiration, use Anstrex's Affiliate Offer Wall. It features the most popular and successful ad creatives from across all networks being monitored so that you can find an ad inspiration in one click.

You can sort ads based on the following:
  • how long it has been running,
  • how recently it's been released,
  • the ad network it is running on,
  • which affiliate network the offer is from,
  • the tracking platform being used by the advertiser,
  • the country it is being shown in,
  • the ad strength, and
  • the ad gravity.
More information on each ad can be accessed by simply clicking on the ad card.

Landing Page Ripper​

Anstrex's built-in downloader lets you download and execute any landing page at the touch of a button. You may even bulk-download numerous landing pages simultaneously.

If you need to modify the pre-lander, you can use their powerful HTML editor to edit the page to your liking. Make adjustments without the need for an external editor by changing text and swapping pictures, links, and other items right on the platform.

Once you're done, you can directly upload your lander to an AWS S3 bucket or your server through FTP. You can start running traffic to your ripped and customized landing page within minutes of discovery!

View Competitor Campaign Insights​

With Anstrex, advertisers get a clear picture of which ads are working. Tens of thousands of publishers are monitored in real-time and detailed analytics on what's happening across all channels are gathered.

With the power of segmentation, you can analyze the ads in-depth and use this information to narrow down to specific demographics that are converting. Some ad results even display the current campaign bid and rank.

You can likewise find all the relevant ads and landing pages for any campaign--may it be based on the advertiser, offer category, location, and more.

Anstrex Push

Advanced Search Filter (using Boolean Logic)​

Still getting thousands of results when trying to find relevant ads? To help you quickly discover the exact offer and ad you want, Anstrex released an advanced search filter.

With the use of Boolean Logic Filter (If-And/Or Logic), you can now search for ads and pre-lander pages through a combination of keywords, traffic network, URL, geolocation, and more.

Alerts Option​

By enabling this option, you can use Boolean logic to filter past advertisements on a variety of criteria, including your keywords, ad network choice, country, and more. You'll be alerted when new ads arrive based on your settings.

Anstrex Dropshipping App​

If you want to build your own dropshipping business, then this Anstrex all-around dropshipping app is a must-have. This allows you to track 92 countries' worth of ads from over ten thousand retailers.

There are currently over six million products in Anstrex's database, and you can identify which of the three major dropshipping suppliers (AliExpress, DHGate, and Banggood) is selling the exact item you want.

This is a very handy tool that is available for zero dollars!

Anstrex Review

This app has the same search and filtering features as the native ads and push ads spy tool, but it carries more features that adequately address the needs of establishing a dropshipping business.

Product Search Options​

You can find products to promote using:

Product Catalog
This is a comprehensive supplier catalog that can be narrowed down based on supplier, category, country (it is being promoted in), source country, shipping method, price, number of orders, product rating, and duration (how long it has been in the market).

Viral Products
This tab displays products that are currently showing promise based on ad engagements on social media. Such engagements include likes, shares, view counts, and comments.

Top Stores
If you want to look into what other dropshipping stores are promoting, you can check the Top Stores tab. You can narrow down dropship stores based on eCommerce platform, niche or category, country, and supplier.

Dropshipping Automation​

Anstrex takes it one step further by providing users with a way to automate their dropshipping business. With the help of their Chrome extension, you can search, add, and manage products all in a few clicks.

You can also connect your Shopify store and run orders and fulfillment within Anstrex's easy-to-use dashboard. It makes the backend of running a dropshipping business a hundred times easier!

Anstrex is an active member of the affLift community and regularly releases top-performing landing pages for free (which can be found in the thread🔥 Mega post of Anstrex Landing pages 🔥).

Latest Rating

I’m not a fan of spy tools (at least at the moment), however I think that Anstrex is much more than just another native and push ads competitor spy tool. It’s innovative and ambitious and, for the most part, manages to succeed in its vision.
A well-designed interface is the best part of this platform and as a spy tool, it has all the usual features you’ve come to expect from a competitor ads spy tool.
If you’re serious about spying on your competitors’ native and push ad campaigns, Anstrex is the first spy tool you should try.

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