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If you use native ads and push traffic for promoting your offers, what better way to improve your marketing strategy than by spying on your competitors? This is where Anstrex come in.

With a database of over 17 million ads, across 38 native ad networks, 15 push notification ad networks, and encompassing 92 countries, this ad spy tool can surely help you analyze what works to give your own advertising campaigns a boost.


Anstrex Features

Anstrex has a range of features that work for both the push ads spy tool and native ads spy tool. The platform has the same interface, which you can switch from one spy tool to the other without issues, if you are using both spytools in your account. The following are its features:

Landing Page Ripper
Anstrex offers high quality screenshots of the entire landing page. But if you want to use the same landing page yourself (or edit them a bit to your liking), you can use the Download and Deploy option. With this, you can download the entire page (complete with images, css and js) and upload it to your server. You also have the option to edit the landing page using Anstrex WYSIWYG editor.

Alexa and SimilarWeb Integration
Anstrex can filter and sort ads based on Alexa ranking, so you can find which creatives and domains are ranking best on your niche. SimilarWeb integration within the tool also allows you to search for similar pages within a niche or based on keywords.

Advanced Filter Options
  • Category Filter
  • Ad Network Filter
  • Language Filter
  • Country Filter
  • Affiliate Network Filter
Advanced Search Filter (using Boolean Logic)
Dropdown filters can be quite limiting at times; especially if what you are looking for is not available in the options. Anstrex found a solution for this, and it’s with the use of Boolean Logic Filter. You can search for ads and landing pages based on a combination of keywords, categories and other parameters.

Affiliate Offer Wall
Don’t know where to start? Use Anstrex’s Affiliate Offer Wall to find ad creatives and landing pages based on the offer. You can find which ads are performing well by sorting them according how long they have been running. It is assumed that the longer an ad is running, the better performing it is (else the advertiser would have paused it by now).

The offer wall also displays the date the offer was first and last seen, its domain name, which affiliate networks have it in their database, and which native ad networks are showing ads for this offer.


Data Insights
Aside from gathering ads text, images and landing page, Anstrex also collects deeper data about these ads, such as traffic patterns, ranking, bids, and more. You will also be able to view the ad gravity and ad strength of each, based on the past and current performance of the ad.

Alerts Option
This feature also allows you to use Boolean logic to filter recent ads based on your keywords, choice of ad network, country and more. You will then be alerted of new ads coming in based on your filter. You can choose whether or not you will be notified via email, and how often.

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex offers three types of membership:
  1. Push Ads Spytool Only – this is worth $79.99 per month per user. This includes access to 15 push ads networks, with ads targeting 92 countries. You will be able to see real time and historic cost per click bids on ads, plus all features mentioned above.
  1. Native Ads Spytool Only – this is worth $59.99 per month per user. This includes access to 27 native ad networks, with ads targeting 33 countries. This includes all the features mentioned above.
  1. Push Ads and Native Ads Spytool - this plan offers the best value, at $124.99 per month per user. This includes access to both push ads and native ads, plus all the features of the spy tool.
All three plans have a two-day risk free trial, which means you can cancel within the first two days if you think the spytool is not for you.

Anstrex Coupon

As of July 2019, Anstrex no longer offers a discount, promo code, or coupon.

🎉 Read about Anstrex's official announcement for adding push ads for more information.

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I’m not a fan of spy tools (at least at the moment), however I think that Anstrex is much more than just another native and push ads competitor spy tool. It’s innovative and ambitious and, for the most part, manages to succeed in its vision.
A well-designed interface is the best part of this platform and as a spy tool, it has all the usual features you’ve come to expect from a competitor ads spy tool.
If you’re serious about spying on your competitors’ native and push ad campaigns, Anstrex is the first spy tool you should try.

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