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Official Anstrex Push Notification Spy Tool is Here



Grand Guru
Oct 16, 2018
Hey Everyone,
Last few months have been extremely busy creating this tool and result is nothing short of amazing. Everything you have been missing in other tools is available now and then some more. Let's take a look...


  1. Data Accuracy:
    • Accurate assignment of ad-networks: This is hard...extremely hard. The whole marketplace is basically a clusterfuck with traffic changing so many hands. Our goal is to give you the ad-network that advertiser is directly associated with and no other intermediaries. We are extremely good at it now. Also, absolutely no fake information. If we don't know the ad-network, we assign anonymous label to it.
    • Getting correct landing page URL: Our infrastructure uses real devices/emulators/ip-addresses to get you accurate accurate URL of the landing pages. We have an accuracy of over 90% here.
    • Getting past cloaking: A lot of trackers have built in protection and provide cloaking support out of box. The final landing page URL is time sensitive and does not work without session data/cookies etc. But we record the entire redirect chain and let you see
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