Essential Tools for Affiliates: Spy, Personalize, and Conquer with MaxWeb



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Feb 17, 2021
Hey Afflifters,

It’s your favorite network MaxWeb back at it again with another insightful and value-packed post. Today we’re going to fill you in on some useful tools we recommend and even use ourselves day-to-day. We’ll also fill you in on the top offers you can promote with the use of these tools, so be sure to read till the end! 🛠️🤓

Let’s dive right in, first we’re going to start with some of our favorite spy tools. 🕵️

While we don’t condone stealing other affiliates creatives, spying is an unskippable step of the creative process. It’s important to see what’s working so you’re not blindly testing creatives and burning your hard earned cash. 🚫🔥💵

1️⃣ Adplexity:

Adplexity is an OG when it comes to spy tools, and you’ve likely heard of them by now. They offer spy services in Native and Push. If you’re planning to launch with either of these traffic sources and haven’t checked them out yet, now is the time!

2️⃣ Anstrex:

Anstrex is another Native + Push spy tool with exceptional reach and functionality. This is another tool we absolutely love and think it’s important to compare and contrast between various spy tools to ensure you’re launching the best converting angle.

3️⃣ SpyHero:

Spy Hero is a newer spy tool launched by a well-known affiliate marketing entrepreneur and coach Robby Blanchard. The great thing about SpyHero (besides it’s user friendly interface) is that it covers not only Native ads, but YouTube and Facebook too. This is especially useful if you want to launch ads across multiple platforms, or just want to make sure your angle is working in various places on the internet.

💪Now that we’ve covered some of the best Spy tools available to Native affiliates, you can find winning ads and presells and likely have an idea what you’d like to launch. Possibly even one of the many VSLs MaxWeb owns! But how are you going to make your ads personal and stand out from the competition? 🤔

💡That’s where our next set of tools come in. 💡

📊 Dynamic Yield

First up is Dynamic Yield which is a powerful tool for ad personalization. Some of their key features include Audience Management(capturing person-level data to optimize with) and Targeting Optimization(targeting with relevant content across all of your ads). This tool can be the difference between fighting for clicks with your competitors, and winning cheaper clicks on placements you may have never tested.

🤖 ChatGPT

This one needs no introduction. In fact it can introduce itself if you ask it to. However ChatGPT does have a multitude of uses within the affiliate marketing industry, and our very own AM Austin did an informative webinar going over a few of them. We urge you to check it out here.

🛑 Anura

While Native traffic is one of the highest volume and most scalable traffic sources available to affiliates, you may sometimes find yourself receiving fraudulent clicks from a lower quality widget/placement. That’s where Anura comes in. Anura can detect fraudulent clicks with up to 99.99% accuracy, offering you peace of mind and allowing you to better deploy your adspend on clicks that will convert.

With all of the tools mentioned in this post you can successfully spy on competitors, personalize your ads in a number of ways, and even filter out the clicks you don’t want. All that’s left is to send your highly engaged clicks to an offer that will convert! 📈💰

✨That’s where MaxWeb shines✨

We have a number of owned and exclusive VSLs. ⏯️ Some that have been around for years and still perform for our affiliates to this day. Below I’ve highlighted 3 offers that are crushing on Native right now:


GI Revitalize

Nerve Savior

We hope you gained value from this post and would love to help you find success as an affiliate anyway we can. 🖤🧡

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