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If you are looking for an alternative to JVZoo or Clickbank, then you should consider MaxWeb, a performance marketing network headquartered in Ireland.

It claims to be the top network in the field and has in fact bagged the Top CPA Network Award by OfferVault in 2020.

MaxWeb Features and Benefits​

MaxWeb works on three kinds of commission plans: CPL, CPA and Revenue Share. The RevShare commission plan comes with an “Allowance Reserve”, which is a percentage of your commissions deducted by the network in preparation for chargebacks from your traffic. Once the risk time frame for purchases expires (usually up to 180 days), the reserve is released back to the affiliate.

High Performing VSL​

Video Sales Letters or VSLs are among the best performing promotional methods, and MaxWeb has basically mastered this technique. VSLs work best on traffic from social media (such as Facebook) and traffic from native ads (coming from platforms like Outbrain, MGID, RevContent, GDN, and more).


Multiple Offer Verticals​

As of press time, offers within MaxWeb fall under the following verticals:
  • Dating
  • Diabetes
  • eCommerce
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Nutra (Diet & Fitness)
  • Skin and Beauty
  • Survival
  • Sweepstakes
  • Trial
These offers come in the form of either digital or physical products. They also have products specific for French, German, and Spanish speaking markets. The offers are either owned by MaxWeb or are promoted exclusively through their platform.

Affiliate Resources​

All products come with resources that will help maximize your chances of success. This include text and banner creatives, email swipes, VSLs, and more. All resources are tested for performance before being released for affiliates’ use. To get access to these resources, you must first be approved to run the offer.

Quality Over Quantity Motto​

MaxWeb seeks to provide nothing but the best affiliate support. Aside from assigning each affiliate a dedicated account manager that can be contacted via Skype or email, the company also holds bi-weekly webinars that talk about the current offer trends within the network. Affiliates are also given free access to podcasts by Anna Gita, MaxWeb’s CEO.

This company has one of the strictest acceptance process in the industry; even Super Affiliates are not spared from interviews to make sure that their method of promotion passes MaxWeb’s requirements. They seek affiliates who are committed to providing value and building a long-term relationship.

MaxWeb Payment Process​

This network’s payment process is a bit more complicated than most.

First off, payments are released either once, twice, or even thrice a week. Everything depends on the revenue you generate, with the slowest payment frequency for those generating a revenue of $15,000 or less. Payments are released via check, wire, or ACH transfers only.

There is a two-step requirement before the first payment is released.
  1. The commissions will be put on a 30-day holding period, starting from the day the first sale was generated.
  2. The affiliate must receive at least five unique conversions.
After the requirements for the initial payment have been fulfilled, the affiliate will be moved to the regular payment frequency as stated above.

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@MaxWeb I would like to join maxwell aswell but is asks me to provide industry references. Is afflift a good enough industry reference to join Maxweb?

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MaxWeb is Great CPA network and also the have experienced affiliate managers. They do care about their pubs success, MaxWeb have very low payment threshold that are very user friendly for newbie. I highly recommend this network. They are extremely reliable.

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