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If you are looking for a spy tool that has been tried and tested by seasoned affiliate marketers, then there is no further place to look than AdPlexity.

They don’t only focus on one, two or three traffic sources and platforms – they have a whole suite of different spy tools that would cater to your every need.

If you don’t have this spy tool in your arsenal, you’re missing out on a lot.

AdPlexity Spy Tools

There are different spy tools for your every need, each as data intensive as the other. AdPlexity’s spy tools are divided into the following:
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Native
  • Adult
  • E-commerce
  • Carriers
According to some sources, they are currently developing a spy tool for another popular traffic source – push notifications.


AdPlexity Features

Each of these spy tools has the following features:

Covers 75 Countries And More than 40 Traffic Sources
You will have a hard time finding another spy tool that has this much traffic source coverage!

Advanced Filtering
Filter campaigns based on keywords, category, ad type, publisher, advertiser, and even traffic network.

More than 100 Affiliate Networks
You can find ads being run on affiliate networks that you are already a part of, making the choice of which offer to run easier for you. Or you can search based on category and find which affiliate network has the offers you are looking for. Plus, you can see the best combination of creatives, landing pages, publishers and traffic networks for that offer, guaranteeing your success.

Detailed Statistics
With each ad, you can gain insight on how the campaign is doing based on the ad trend, targeted devices, top publisher placements and traffic sources being utilized.

Download Landing Pages
There would be no need to rip landing pages as you can download them complete with page dependencies in a convenient zip file.

Find Profitable E-commerce Stores
This is specific to the E-commerce tool. This feature helps you find stores and products that are hot right now. You will be able to discover the bestselling products in the market and the apps that these stores use to boost their revenue. Even the Facebook ad copy that these stores use to drive sales is provided.

Although it can be intimidating to the untrained eye, the more you get to know these spy tools, the more useful they can be to you. These are powerful tools that can surely turn your campaigns profitable.

AdPlexity Pricing

AdPlexity Mobile, Desktop, Adult and E-Commerce spy tools are each priced at $199 per month per user. AdPlexity Native, on the other hand, is worth $249 per month, while AdPlexity Adult costs $149 per month.

If you get an annual subscription for any of the tools above, you can get two months free. There is no such thing as an AdPlexity trial. You have to pay to use the tools. However, we do have AdPlexity coupons!

AdPlexity Coupon Code

This platform offers discounts exclusive to affLIFT members. The following are the AdPlexity coupon codes and their respective discounts:
  • Native – 30% Lifetime Discount using code afflift_n
  • Mobile – 25% Lifetime Discount using code afflift_m
  • Desktop – 25% Lifetime Discount using code afflift_d
  • Adult – 25% Lifetime Discount using code afflift_a
  • E-commerce – 25% Lifetime Discount using code afflift_e
  • Carriers – 10% Lifetime Discount using code afflift_c
AdPlexity claims to be a complete game changer for affiliate advertising intelligence. There is no claim more on point than theirs.

Review Video

Check out this AdPlexity review by Mobidea to see how awesome their ad spy tool is for affiliates!

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Latest Rating

Adplexity is the best spy tool out there IMO. The first spy tool I ever bought specially the mobile and desktop version and it has helped me a great deal to get my first profitable dating campaign. After collecting the data from adplexity, I scaled up my campaign to multiple traffic source and made $$$$ profit on that single campaign. I will still vouch for adplexity.

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