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AdPlexity is one of the most popular spy tools affiliate used for researching campaigns. It has Mobile, Native, Desktop and Adult versions that cover a ton of different traffic sources.

They've also recently launched an eCommerce product and AdPlexity Carriers!

Here is a list of the features of their spy tools and some exclusive AdPlexity coupons 😃

AdPlexity Features
▶️ 75 countries
▶️ 40+ traffic sources
▶️ 100+ affiliate networks
▶️ 150+ carriers
▶️ Cool variety of filters by carrier, tracker, keyword, country, date, affiliate network, advertiser, ad size
Stats for traffic sources, trends, placements, and publishers
▶️ Real-time updates
▶️ Powerful & easy to use UI
▶️ API access

AdPlexity Coupons
✅ AdPlexity Mobile at $149 only instead of $199 - afflift_m
✅ AdPlexity Native at $169 only instead of $249 - afflift_n
✅ AdPlexity Desktop at $149 only instead of $199 - afflift_d
✅ AdPlexity Adult at $149 instead of $199 - afflift_a

Want to learn more? Check out our Article about the AdPlexity spy tool 🔍

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AdPlexity is by far the most popular spy tool among affiliate marketers across the industry. It's well made, easy to use, and gives you access to tons of different traffic sources, ad creatives, and landing pages that are being used and performing well!

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