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Spy Hero

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Spy Hero
In the ever-evolving world of marketing, staying ahead of the game is no easy feat. As such, competitive intelligence tools, such as Spy Hero, have swooped in to provide invaluable insight, propelling affiliate marketers to new heights.

While Spy Hero is one of the newest members in the growing competitive intelligence field, it is not one to take lightly. It has numerous features that would make you want to add it to your arsenal.

Spy Hero Features​

Spy on Notable Traffic Sources and Types
Imagine this: you're a superhero with the power to keep a watchful eye on the most elusive and significant advertising platforms — Facebook, YouTube, native ads traffic networks, and Facebook e-commerce ads. That's precisely the power that Spy Hero bestows upon you!

And as this ingenious platform constantly evolves, TikTok ads are even poised to be added to Spy Hero's captivating list of platforms.

As of the moment, this tool holds more than a million ads in its consistently growing database.

Extensive Ads Information​

With Spy Hero, you have access to all the key information related to ads, including headlines, copy and creative info, start dates, and much more.

And it's not just the actual ads that you can analyze — you'll even get the chance to have a look at comprehensive information on the following:
  • Landing pages (more than 25 thousand landing pages)
  • Offers (at least 300 offers across different networks)
  • Facebook fan pages (over 10 thousand fan pages)
  • Youtube channels (more than 50 thousand channels)
  • E-commerce stores
  • Products
  • Affiliate networks (including Clickbank, Maxweb, Digistore24, and more)
  • Ad Placements
  • Top affiliates
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Quick Reports​

If you'd rather check reports than search for info on your own, you can make full use of Spy Hero's reports. Here, you'll receive information on popular ads based on the following:
  • headlines
  • ad creatives
  • ad copy
  • Facebook fan pages
  • landing pages
  • affiliate IDs
  • offers
  • pixels
  • keywords
  • landing page headlines
  • Youtube videos to advertise on
  • Youtube channels to advertise on
  • stores
  • products

Spy on the Go with Spy Hero's Mobile App​

For all of you busy bees and budding espionage aficionados, worry not, as gaining access to your Spy Hero account and keeping tabs on competitors has never been easier or more portable!

Introducing Spy Hero's cutting-edge mobile app, designed to cater to your espionage needs on the go. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this app is a potent tool that ensures you stay ahead in the marketing game, whether you're sipping coffee at your local café or jetting off to exotic locales.

Spy Hero Plans​

This spy tool offers just one plan for a monthly fee of $147 per month, or $1497 a year (equivalent to a 15% discount when paid annually).

With this one plan, you'll gain access to all available tools:
  • Spy Hero Native ads
  • Spy Hero e-Commerce
  • Spy Hero Facebook
  • Spy Hero Youtube
To top it all off, you'll even acquire access to all reports, updates, features, the mobile app, and the full suite. Once Spy Hero releases the TikTok Ads Spy tool, you'll get access to it at no extra charge.

To get a chance to try before you buy, everyone is given a 14-day free trial.

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  • Akahma
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One of the most newbie-friendly tools, I have ever worked with, very organized and easy to use, and there are no unknowns as other spy tools. every Ad/offer is identified and detailed, but it has only four affiliate networks, Clickbank-DigiStore24- Maxweb-Buygoods"
I rated it High as I really enjoyed working with it

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