Guide Quickly find suitable Landing pages for your offer with Anstrex New Feature



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Apr 9, 2019
Anstrex have added A very Good New Feature to both Native and Push spy Tools,

I have just noticed them and they are working very nice with me, Saving a lot of steps while searching for Offers /landing pages


This option will save a lot of time while searching for offers/and specific landing pages, instead of opening all creatives you think Its related to specific vertical/offer /landing page you got directly for the desired landing page

but there are some differences you will find them while you are searching

1- Number of Campaigns/Ads are much decreased and this could be explained as Many landing pages have more than one creative
creatives showing more than 1 Million and Landing page filter showing only 140k+


This for Push Tool, and for native the same , more less numbers on the Landing page filter

2-Normal search and Advanced Boolean Searching options (Creative Text -Translated Text) are missing, (Although it could be still and beneficial) and may be adding searching inside landing page text to make it perfect and the only option are :
Landing Page URL
Landing Page Domain
Creative URL chains

3- There is no Adult
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