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If you are driving considerable traffic to your offers, you might face the problem of reaching the monthly events limit with your tracker. You will then be required to pay for overages when such happens.

If you are looking for a tracking provider that does not charge you on top of what you pay monthly no matter how much traffic you bring in, then Binom is a right choice for you.

Binom Features

Binom tracker is a self-hosted tracker that is great for pro users, although still useful for novice ones. It is very similar to other cloud-hosted trackers since you need not worry about installing the tracker to your server; you can simply request for assistance with Binom’s support team and provide them access.


The following are the features that Binom is proud to have:

Fast Processing Speeds
The common issue with self-hosted trackers is that they load really slowly. However, Binom tracker prides itself on having fast processing speed, making redirects to your offer as fast as 5ms no matter the traffic volume. Reports can be processed quickly as well, without waiting for several days (or even weeks) to load.

LP Protect
This feature prevents competitors from spying on your ads by blocking anyone trying to access the landing page if the source URL does not contain your LP token. Although it does not necessarily mean your landing page will never be ripped, it’s still good to know that it will make it harder for your competition to copy your landing page.

Smart Rotation
One of the best ways to find the optimal combination of landing page and offer is by split testing LPs against offers. Binom takes this a step further by allowing you to set up multiple landing pages with multiple offers under one campaign. The tracker will split your traffic among all possible combinations so you don’t have to manually do this yourself. If the Binom tracker detects that a visitor has already seen the specific landing page and offer, they will redirect the visitor to a different combination. This way, your visitor will not see the same ad twice and might even react positively to a different LP and offer mix.

Work Organization
If there are several people using one tracker, you can set up separate user accounts for each. You can even group campaigns to make access easier for your team. Another useful tool is the Notes function, which allows you to leave details about the campaign, making other members of the team easily understand what’s going on with the campaign.

Binom is a very easy tracker to use. Check out this short video on how to setup your first campaign:

Binom Pricing

Binom tracker is priced at $99 per month when paid monthly, and $69 per month when paid annually. This includes free installation on your server. Although you are allowed one main domain and database, you can link an unlimited number of domain names that will serve as your tracking links. As previously mentioned, Binom does not limit to the number of clicks or views per month.

Additional licenses will only cost $49 per month.

Binom Coupon Code

Binom is typically free for the first 14 days, but affLIFT members can enjoy more discounts. You can get the first month free, and the second month at a 40% discount when you use the Binom promo code: AFFLIFT

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A Binom tracker is a must-have for everyone running popular traffic.
I like the fact that its data can be stored forever. It is also fast when checking data.
Customer support is also very timely and effective.

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