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Binom - Ratings

  • Link owner Binom
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A Binom tracker is a must-have for everyone running popular traffic.
I like the fact that its data can be stored forever. It is also fast when checking data.
Customer support is also very timely and effective.
  • Affyou
  • 5.00 star(s)
Been using Binom for more than 1.5 years now! Even with limited technical knowledge, I was able to follow their guides and set it up myself! Excellent guides, top class support, and it saves me tons of money as compared to what I was paying to my previous trackers.
Binom is the best tracker I have ever used:

1. Deployed on your own server, all data is your own.

2. The operation interface is simple and very convenient to use

3.The only drawback is that when faced with a large amount of concurrent traffic (mainly POP traffic running IN), it can easily cause tracker paralysis.
  • Neil
  • 5.00 star(s)
Took me a while to make the jump but was glad I did in the end.
Being self hosted you'll need to get a decent VPS/Dedi to run it but once you do that's it, no more nasty charges!

Its fast and reliable, my server has now been up and running for 659 Days 2 h. 18 m (at the time of this review 18/08/23) with no issues, now that is pretty damn impressive!

Think they only thing that I would like to see would be the ability to archive off stats to an offline DB so could do some research on older data, other than that pretty damn good.

There is a v2.0 in beta right now that addresses a number of things so it can keep up with all the newer trackers out there, like extra tokens etc.
  • Rob
  • 5.00 star(s)
Great tracker at a reasonable price and you don't have to worry about overages. Tons of features and the support is always very quick to reply. My only request would be more campaign automation features but it sounds like they are working on that with Binom 2.0
  • Skyde
  • 5.00 star(s)
In my opinion this is the best self-host tracker.

Fast, flexible, allows you to track any event you want on the landing page. You can set up sms notifications or receive them via telegram.

You can even manage campaigns from the tracker for some sources. Good documentation, easy to install, great tech support.

Definitely worth a try, considering you can get a month for free with AffLift promo code.
Probably the best tracker out there if you run high volume and are into data analytics. The only thing missing is multi funnel flows (lander2lander) and some AI optimization (i believe they work on). Binom just offers so much then any other tracker out there considering how cheap it is.
I’ve used it for not a long time but I think that it was enough to consider it as another good tracking software. If you don’t know, it’s created by a Russian top affiliate and they position themselves as the tracker for professionals.
Binom launched as a private beta and was used by an internal affiliate community. And again, among the main advantages are the speed of clicks redirecting and the.
I just start using Benom from last month. I found them amazing, ultrafast, lots of feature and nice dashboard. Great support. Highly recommended.
Binom is hands down one of the best trackers in the industry. If you want to have full control how to view and get your data there is now way around it.
Full confession I am not running big volumes at the moment, so I can only review from my up to 500k /month perspective.

Installation: No problem. They do it for you. I know that part scares a lot of people of. But spinning up a Digital Ocean Droplet is like click here, click there (videos of course available) and then you give them the details, wait 20 minutes and it is done.

Speed: ultra fast - in terms of redirection and in terms of the reports.

Cusomization level: insane - you can create up to 9 or 10 custom events and not just name them like in many trackers but pass one customer numbers. An often used example in Binom is the scroll percentage. In other tracker you would just have the event "scrolled" and 1 for it happend. Here you can measure how much the user scrolled on your lp and pass it on. Then you can create a customn colum in your report and call it "scroll %" or whatever and reference that value. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Filters: you only want to see zones with more than 5k impressions and 0 cr OR 1.5x payout and 0 CR -> you can create complex filters like that and save it for future reference

Raw data: of course it is on your server and db. Hosted server will charge you a premium for accessing your data here it is yours.

Only Drawback: You have to find a process to backup your data once in a while and clean your db on your server otherwise it gets too big. That is the one thing you have to take care of yourself.

I would definately recommend Binom for newbies and veterans alike.
  • Nick
  • 5.00 star(s)
My absolute favorite tracker.

Don't pay extra for events like you do with most cloud-based trackers, very fast reporting, data retention forever, custom events (time on lander, bots, % scroll, and anything else you can dream up ;) ), seriously epic support that literally responds in minutes, possibility for no redirect landers, domain monitoring, etc, etc.

Try it and you will agree it's by far the best. Check any spy tool and you will also see it's the most popular... I wonder why?

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