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PropellerAds is one of the most popular traffic sources for affiliates today. It is a well-regarded company for publishers and advertisers alike.

Pop traffic has been around for at least a decade. Many pop traffic (or PPV traffic) providers have come and gone. When the most popular ones closed over the past few years, PropellerAds Pops remained active and even grew stronger. At the moment, Propeller Ads offers one of the best pop traffic when it comes to quality and volume.

Traffic Volumes

Founded in 2011, the company serves over 10 billion ad impressions per day.

PropellerAds provides traffic from 195+ GEOs for all the popular verticals, such as Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, eCommerce etc. The only exception is adult traffic - you won’t find it there.

The most important thing is that, thanks to PropellerAds anti-fraud solutions, they hold a leading position in traffic quality in the market.

Wide Variety of Targeting Options

The network has a huge variety of targeting options to help you find the most relevant audience:
  • Country, city, state
  • Daily and total campaign budget
  • OS and device
  • Zone limitation: black and white lists
  • Platform
  • Operating system
  • Browser & Language
  • Connection type
  • Mobile ISP
  • Campaign scheduling and dayparting

Advanced Retargeting

In the targeting section you can find the Audiences setting. With this feature, you can create custom audiences and enjoy the most precise retargeting you can find at PropellerAds.

Tests show that leads in the audience campaign are 5-6 times cheaper than in general campaigns.

There are four options to build an audience for retargeting. They are based on:
  • Clicks
  • Engaged visits
  • Converted users (Leads via postback S2S)
  • Retargeting pixel

CPA Goal for Popunder campaigns

CPA Goal is a new generation of auto-optimization tools, based on machine learning and big data. The algorithm is able to predict what traffic segments are most likely to drive quality conversions at the desired price.

There are three parameters you should keep in mind when launching the CPA Goal campaign:
  • the number of impressions,
  • the number of conversions,
  • your target price – CPA Goal.
The CPM price will be calculated dynamically according to these parameters.

Once the algorithm defined the traffic segments, it immediately starts to optimize campaigns according to the Conversion rate:
  • High conversion rate – your campaigns get most of the available traffic from the placements with high CR, according to your CPA Goal.
  • Low conversion rate – your campaigns get less traffic. The system will freeze the traffic slices where there are no conversions.

More details on how this algorithm works are here

Direct Click

Direct Click is a new traffic type which is available for OnClick campaigns.

Direct Click zones include top Popunder and also parking domain zones, which express interest in your type of offer. This is hand-picked top-converting, ad placement traffic. The specially designed filtering system that PropellerAds developed for Direct Click ensures that you get the best performing traffic.

Compared with similar campaigns on OnClick, Direct click campaigns registered higher CR by at least 20 – 40%.

PropellerAds Coupon

Every month PropellerAds shares bonus coupons with AffLift forummers. Ask @Luke for PropellerAds’ promo codes and use the bonuses to launch profitable Push campaigns!

Latest Rating

  • LazyGuy
  • 5.00 star(s)
PropellerAds was my first pop traffic network. My first impression about their quick support, quick ad approval, and user-friendly intuitive interface was amazing. After trying other pop ads networks I could determine that their traffic quality is relatively superior.

- Awesome CPA Goal bidding model for fine tuning the auto-optimization
- Diverse ad formats and good targeting options especially re-targeting pixel
- Traffic inventory is huge for global reach

- I wish there was a better way to exclude non-performing zones with selective data filters on the platform.

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