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PropellerAds Pops
PropellerAds is one of the most popular traffic sources for affiliates today. It is a well-regarded company for publishers and advertisers alike.

Pop traffic has been around for at least a decade. Many pop traffic (or PPV traffic) providers have come and gone. When the most popular ones closed over the past few years, PropellerAds Pops remained active and even grew stronger. At the moment, Propeller Ads offers one of the best pop traffic when it comes to quality and volume.

Propeller Ads Features

Self-Serve Platform
PropellerAds is a self-serve platform, which means you don’t need to work with a sales representative to promote your offers. You need to set up the campaigns and targeting by yourself, which is actually pretty simple.

Target based on User Activity Level
This targeting option allows you to choose your audience based on how they have previously reacted to ads, how often they see ads and several more factors. The four options to choose from are High, Medium, Low and All.

Automated Ad Optimization
There are three pricing models available, and these are:
  1. CPM - the typical bidding mode, CPM allows you to bid based on 1,000 impressions;
  2. SmartCPM – this is Propeller ad’s automated CPM bidding system. It helps you find the best bid on ad placements by setting a maximum rate you are willing to pay for. The actual bid ends up cheaper, though.
  3. SmartCPA – This is a revamped version of SmartCPM, with the addition of the CPA Goal.
SmartCPA is Propeller Ads’ machine-learning system of bidding based on the conversions you receive. It automatically adjusts to the optimum bid depending on the ad zone and placement. It works by the platform first creating a test campaign which will be auto-optimized.

All you need to do is add a conversion price, called CPA Goal, which is how much you believe each conversion is worth to you. If you are promoting affiliate offers, it is suggested that your CPA Goal be 70% to 80% of the actual offer payout.

When the test period ends, you will have a campaign that is effectively CPA-based. This means you will then pay the platform based on the conversions you’ve received rather than the impressions. The downside is that if the test is unsuccessful, you’ll still have to pay for the impressions the campaign acquired during the test.

Based on one Propeller Ads review, it would be best to use the SmartCPA on offers and landing pages that are known to convert.

Fraud Prevention
One of the biggest fears of advertisers is receiving bot traffic. But Propeller Ads minimizes this concern by having an ad fraud prevention system, so you can steer clear of click fraud, fake conversions, and hit bots.

Webinar on How to Convert Popunder Traffic

Here is a great webinar video explaining how to get your pop traffic to convert!

PropellerAds Coupon

Propeller Ads is a Partner member in affLIFT and is a very active member. They host contests and help our members succeed with their affiliate marketing campaigns. First-time advertisers who would like to open an account in this traffic provider can receive a PropellerAds promo code by sending a message to @PropellerAds for more information.

Propeller Ads Guides

Looking for a good PropellerAds guide or example campaign? Check these out!
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Great quality traffic but terrible customer service attitude.
asked if probblem solved , customer service staff said if you don't wanna wait just let us know and close the case... what a rude service. it's the worst i ever seen. only because of superb quality traffic so i could two stars. if you r looking for the supportive staff they ain't there.

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