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If you have a lot of unsold traffic, or if you can purchase cheap traffic but you have no idea how to monetize them, then you should have a look at Monetizer.

Established in 2014, this company has become the go-to affiliate network when it comes to remnant traffic.

The Monetizer platform is constantly being improved and evolving. They recently added the ability to monetize push subscribers and have become one of the largest sources for making money off push traffic!

Monetizer Review

Smartlink Offers
Smartlinks are Monetizer’s primary offering. Monetizer’s Smartlink is not like the ones you see in other networks. Here, you can segment the offer your audience receives by choosing the traffic type, vertical, and country. You can further narrow this down by whitelisting carriers, operating systems, and cities.

vAuto Algorithm
This is Monetizer’s proprietary program that analyzes the parameters of each click or view and redirects the user to the offer he or she will best respond to.


Multiple Conversion Flows
Affiliates are able to choose Smartlinks based on the conversion flow. Available conversion flows are as follows:
  • Carrier Billing
  • COD offers
  • CPI
  • Dating
  • E-commerce
  • Direct downloads (APK)
  • Leadgen
  • RevShare
  • Sweepstakes
Numerous Verticals
With other networks’ Smartlinks, you can only choose between Mainstream and Adult. At Monetizer, the verticals are further broken down into the following:
  • Mainstream Mobile
  • Mainstream Desktop
  • Adult Mobile
  • Adult Desktop
  • Aggressive Mobile
  • Aggressive Desktop
The aggressive verticals (mobile and desktop) are those that promote software and utility offers using landing pages that indicate virus infection, etc.

Direct Offers
This is a new section in Monetizer which features premium offers. While many of the offers in Smartlinks have a short lifespan, those under Direct Offers last longer because these come from direct advertisers.

These offers are not included in vAuto, which means you need to run these offers individually. Also, each offer has its own specific restrictions, so affiliates should not promote them using untargeted traffic.

Push Subscriptions
This is one of Monetizer’s best features. If you have a website that has enough traffic, you can install Monetizer’s Javascript code to collect subscribers. The subscribers you collect will then be a part of Monetizer’s push notification traffic. You earn a share of the revenue when ads are shown to your subscribers.


Alternatively, if you don’t have a website, you can go for the Smartlink method wherein your traffic is shown an optimized landing page that will have the push subscription pop-up. When the user clicks either Allow or Block, he will then be redirected to one of Monetizer’s offers.

Monetizer Payout Options

There are only two available payout options in Monetizer, and that is via PayPal or Wire Transfer. The minimum payout amount is $150, and the default payment term is Net14. Monetizer’s accounting period is weekly (Monday to Sunday), so earnings within a week will be paid out after 14 days.

Affiliates can receive their payments faster once they reach the threshold. Once you make a total of $5,000 (lifetime earnings), your payment term will be moved to Net7. The moment you make a total of $10,000, your payment term will be moved to Net0.

Users also have the option to transfer their funds from Monetizer to Advertizer, the company’s partner traffic provider.

🚀 Monetizer is a Partner on affLIFT and are very helpful. Message them (@Monetizer) if you have any questions! Sign up for Monetizer today.

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The platform is great, however, the support is rude and unhelpful. I wasn't greeted once when I asked for help. After a 20 minute wait they usually give a one word "no" as an answer.

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