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Advertizer Push Notifications
Advertizer is one of the fastest-growing traffic networks in the industry. It focuses on mobile traffic and serves more than five billion ads monthly. Its traffic types include push notifications, display, pop and redirect ads.

The difference between Advertizer and other push notification ads networks is that it is a CPA network. This means that you have the option to only pay for every completed action. If you know how much each conversion is worth to you, then you can definitely earn quickly and easily with Advertizer.

Advertizer Features

Minimal Optimization
Since you will only pay the network for every confirmed lead, finding the best traffic for your offer will fall on the network’s shoulders. Initially, the cost per action can be expensive. But the more conversions you receive, the better the platform can optimize the campaign. This eventually drives the CPA down, which means more profit for you.

If you can narrow down the targeting based on your knowledge of what converts best for your offer, then there will be less friction and your CPA will be low at the onset.

Top Verticals
Although almost all verticals are accepted (except Malware), the following niches work best for their traffic. These are:
  • Sweepstakes
  • Anti-Virus
  • App Installs
  • Gaming
  • Pin Submits
  • Dating (Adult)
  • Ecommerce for Tier 3 countries such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, and Turkey
  • COD offers for the same countries mentioned above
CPC Option
Push notification ads can be paid on a CPC option, which is actually more common for this ad type. The minimum CPC bid is $0.003. Advertizer’s dashboard has an Insights Tab which shows the platform’s current push notifications stats. This includes the total number of subscriptions, the click thru-rates, and the minimum CPC per country.

Advertizer Push Traffic

Advertizer Restrictions

In order for a user to be allowed to use the CPA option, the account should be mature enough. This means the account must have enough history of using the CPC option. The CPA payment model is free traffic, after all, so the network would need to make sure that only qualified accounts would have access to it.

An account approved for the CPA option must have and maintain a 90% account performance score. In the same light, Advertizer also performs several operations on campaigns to maintain quality. These are:
  • Cleanup - this is where a campaign is disabled if it gets an average of one lead per day (or lower) for the past 72 hours.
  • Outage - this is a campaign notification which means the campaign has stopped converting. This serves as a warning to the user that if the campaign does not convert any further and reaches an average of one lead per day for 72 hours, it will be Cleaned Up (read: disabled).
  • Conflict - this indicates that the campaign created is competing with another campaign within the same account. To prevent this from happening, the account holder must change the said campaign’s targeting.
  • System Pause - this is when the campaign is not competitive enough and is therefore not garnering enough traffic. Advertizer’s system will remove such campaigns automatically.

Advertizer Payment Options

The minimum deposit for Advertizer is only $50, which is one of the lowest in the industry. They accept credit cards and bank transfer.

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  • tkvmai
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@Advertizer: I got rejected everytime I register on Advertizer or monetizer with no reason. I spent 5k monthly on another traffic source, not a newbie.

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