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The platform is great, however, the support is rude and unhelpful. I wasn't greeted once when I asked for help. After a 20 minute wait they usually give a one word "no" as an answer.
I think Monetizer is underrated now more then ever, I had my first success with the Monetizer Smartlink which helped me passively collect Push Subs and monetize them and even when I today run it not as much I still get passive income from the subs that I build over the last 2 years so view your Push Subs as an Asset that can yield passive income
I started my Affiliate Marketing journey with @Monetizer . They have great offers that convert .They have a minimum payout of $50. Their commissions are based on CPL, CPS, CPI, Smartlink etc . The payment frequency is Net 14 days. One can earn push revenue via the monetizer smartlinks . Payments are disbursed on every Mondays and Thursdays. I get paid via paypal which attracts a charge of 3.5% towards transfer fees. Paypal additionally charges for incoming remittances as well. They have other payout options like Paxum , wiretransfer etc. It is definitely recommended for beginners and other to join this rewarding affiliate network.
In addition to remnant traffic you can utilize all other types of traffic you have in Monetizer. This CPA network is well-know because of its great smart-links but their single offers also is great if you’ve just started.
You can purchase traffic from other sources and send them to specific offers or smartlinks of Monetizer and be sure that you won’t receive cheap and low quality traffic.
For paid traffic, Monetizer offers work best with pop and redirect traffic and if you have traffic that you don’t know what to do with and comes from GEOs that you have not selected, Monetizer can definitely work for you.
just started with them , they seem to have good offers which convert well . have yet to see any profit but hey im only 2 days into running traffic to their smart links with conversions . their customer service chat is also very responsive. I am looking at good things from them :)
  • Pablo T
  • 5.00 star(s)
I'm using Monetizer's smartlink for monetizing visitors that aren't from my targeted geos, and so far it's working great.
  • Akahma
  • 5.00 star(s)
Monetizer Always been my best network, for many reasons, Support, push subscriptions, insights , Weekly,net7 payouts and many others
I've been working with monetizer for over a year now and I can say they are the best network so far. The first time monetizer was mentioned on afflift I decided to give it a try and it has forever been the best decision I've ever made..

The support is awesome and setting it up is easy as ABC and they have awesome tools to help you to start earning immediately..

I also enjoy watching their live earning coming in 🤣 it's fun though.
Amazing network with great verity of offers and quality support. Timely payment made by the,. never have to worry about payment. Highly recommended.
My main aff network, a great offer, their amazing feature ( snapshot ) helped me a lot to make my campaigns more successful and profitable, among the amazing features too are there a push-sub feature that gives us more profit on our campaign.
Support Amazing, with Payment always in time.
Good offers and great for learning what offers are doing well in each market. One of the best smartlinks too!
  • caleb
  • 4.00 star(s)
Great network! Started using them after reading sushi's push guide. I have always been paid on time every Monday. They have a Net 14 Days term. Lots of offers and you can earn revshare when you collect push subscribers.

Only downside is offers get paused often which is kinda annoying.
my favorite and only network i m making money from their smart link for the last two month rely a good affiliate network their smart links realy convert well . i hope they return the direct offer i didn't like the private offer that they changed .
  • Shifu
  • 4.00 star(s)
My go to affiliate network when it comes to smartlink. I don't run a campaign without setting up smartlink offer of Monetiser. It really helps me to squeeze money from my precious clicks.
Monetizer- what a great network for push. Almost like free money. 1million pushes a day ? That’s insane. Thanks
The payout is good and have PushRevShare, and have no limit cap
.Dozens of great offers with high payouts!
Monetizer is a great network and suitable for newbie to expert. I use them for back button links for all my campaigns and it is always good to earn $ from your non-converted traffic. But what I love most about monetizer is their snapshot features which show you all converting components for all GEOs. Highly recommended
  • dood
  • 5.00 star(s)
Monetizer is great! I've been working with them for the past few years, and all I can say is that they have lots of offers across many verticals and GEOs.

Also the push collection service is really cool - I've made more than $2k so far!

Payments are always on time (you can even qualify for NET0!), and support is awesome!

Highly recommended.
  • Jimmy
  • 4.00 star(s)
I've been using Monetizer for the last couple of months and I've had some nice profitable campaigns. Monetizer is primarily a smartlink network, so it can be tricky to create your own smartlink that is highly targeted to your traffic and audience, but they have a lot of features that can help to make it possible, including the ability to blacklist or whitelist offers and block advertisers. You can also turn off the fallback option for each link you create, essentially changing the link from a smartlink to a regular offer link.

One other feature I like on Monetizer is the ability to optimize links to collect push subscribers. Using this feature I've built up over 100K active push subscribers, bringing in an extra $100is per day and this should continue to bring in some passive income for a while, even after my campaigns are finished.

Monetizer payments are consistent and on time and after earning $5000, then $10,000 you can qualify for Net 7 or Net 0 terms (otherwise the basic terms are Net 14).

The only negative thing about Monetizer is that it can be pretty complicated for a while until you get the hang of all the bells and whistles. This isn't really a negative, but just a bit of extra work because of how many functions are available in this network.

Support is excellent. Features are constantly being updated and added.

I highly recommend Monetizer for everyone from beginners to more experienced marketers.
At first it seems difficult to understand how things are but after learning you realize it is a very good network for a beginner to learn because you have all the data at your disposal.

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