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HilltopAds Push
HilltopAds has a nice self-serve ad platform that allows you to run ad campaigns across multiple ad formats including push notification traffic for both desktop and mobile phones.

They have quite a bit of traffic across many GEOs (top GEOs listed below).

HilltopAds also allows you to bid for their push notification traffic with both a CPC and CPM!

HilltopAds Push Notification Traffic Top GEOs

▶️ TZ, MY, PT, NG, HR, ID,PH, US, TH, IN, MX, DE.

▶️ US, LV, DE, CA, AU, SE, ZA, GB, NL, DK, NO.

Their minimum deposit changes depending on the funding method you chose. Here is a list of the funding methods and the minimum deposit for each:

HilltopAds Funding Methods
▶️ Wire Transfer: $500
▶️ Paxum: $200
▶️ Payoneer: $300
▶️ ePayService: $200
▶️ WebMoney: $200
▶️ ePayments: $200
▶️ Bitcoin: $300
▶️ Credit Card: $300

HillTopAds Tracking Tokens
HillTopAds provides the following tracking tokens for helping you optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns:

HillTopAds TokenTracking Token Description
{{geo}}ISO country code
{{zoneid}}Traffic source identifier
{{adid}}Ad/banner identifier
{{campaignid}}Campaign identifier
{{category}}Category Adult/Mainstream
{{ctoken}}External ID or Click ID
{{cpmbid}}CPM rate for campaign
{{siteid}}Site ID
{{subid}}Sub ID
{{pubid}}Pub ID
{{lang}}Language code

HilltopAds Promo Code

Use the affLIFT HilltopAds promo code and get a $50 bonus on your first deposit!

Make sure to check out our Hilltop Ads review for more information 🚀

Latest Comment

They can provide a huge amount of push traffic if you have a good offer, but they don't scale it until you reach good results with them.
On the tests they send may be less than 1% of available traffic (and it's not the best push traffic available).
If you want to scale x100 push traffic with them, ask your manager.

PS. At the moment, their best push geo:

Mobile: US,DE, RU, SE, TR, IN, KR, AT, FR, SG

Desktop: US, SE, RU, DE, BE, IN, JP, TW, CA, FR

Latest Rating

Gotta be careful with the resell traffic and adult with this network.
The quality is good but there's also a ton of bots and click loss is huge. Also, freq cap doesn't seem to work which makes it difficult to optimize sometimes.

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