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AdMaven Push Notifications

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AdMaven Push Notifications
If you’d like to try push notifications traffic but are being held back by the high initial deposit required, then you’re in luck – AdMaven (Ad-Maven) is here. With a low minimum deposit of only $50, affiliates will not be hard pressed with preparing for funds to start running their campaigns.

Even though they offer a low minimum deposit, AdMaven has not skimped in providing quality service for its customers. With 10 years of experience, the company sees themselves as innovators who put their advertisers and publishers first.

AdMaven Push Notification Features

High Volume
AdMaven delivers an average of 1.5 Billion daily impressions, coming from its 25,000 strong publishers and third-party sources.

Optimization Experts
Campaign optimization is one of the toughest parts of maintaining advertising campaigns. If you need assistance in getting your desired ROI, AdMaven’s optimization experts can help you. You can also utilize the platform’s Smart Bidding option.

Dedicated Support
If you experience any issues or you are simply confused about what you need to do next, you can easily contact AdMaven’s customer service through email or through the support button in the platform.


Reports Dashboard
If you don’t have a tracker, you will still be able to properly manage your campaigns with AdMaven’s reports dashboard. You will be able to see your traffic stats, costs, as well as conversions.

Creating Push Notification Campaigns

AdMaven Push is a Self Service Platform – which means you will create the campaigns yourself. You need not worry though, since creating a campaign is simple enough. Campaign creation is divided into four pages:

Campaign and Budget Page
  1. Name your campaign;
  2. Indicate when you want the campaign to start;
  3. Indicate either your total budget or daily budget. If you choose daily budget, the minimum is $10;
  4. Set your default cost per click. The minimum is $0.005.
Ad Group Targeting Page
You can narrow down your targeting by choosing the location, operating systems, browsers, and carriers. You can also schedule the time and day your ad will be shown. Scheduling is done in the Pacific Time Zone.

TQ & Analytics Page
Here, you have to option to utilize AdMaven’s Smart Bidding feature. This feature will work based on the campaign’s conversion data. In the beginning, since the campaign will not have any conversion data yet, you can enable the New Bid optimization feature, which adjusts your bids based on the “target value”.

This is also the page where you can whitelist and blacklist IPs, domains and even feeds.

Push Ads Page
This is where you can upload your push ads creatives. The following are needed:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Destination URL
  • Main image – must be any of these sizes: 200x200, 240x240, 250x250, 256x256, 300x250, 300x300
  • Icon image – size options are similar to that of the main image.
You can upload as many creatives as you like for split-testing purposes.

Ad-Maven Tracking Tokens

Like most traffic sources, Ad-Maven has a big list of tracking tokens you can use to collect data on your clicks. Here is are the current tracking tokens available:

AdMaven TokenToken Description
{aa}Required for Event Tracking
{banner}Ad ID
{bid}Bid price
{campaign}Campaign ID
{carrier}Visitor's ISP
{city}Visitor's city
{conversion}Conversion tracking
{country}Two-letter visitor's country (ISO 3166-2)
{ga}Required for Google Analytics statistics
{ip}User IP
{keyword}Keyword matched on campaign
{offer}Offer ID
{original_subid}Not limited subID
{os}Operation system
{pubfeed}Publisher Feed ID
{pubpoint}Publisher point id
{pubzone}Publisher zone id
{query}Keyword sent by publisher
{referrer}Referrer URL (urlencoded)
{referrer_domain}Referrer domain
{remfeed}Remote Feed ID
{request_id}ID of the request that originated the click
{search_ip}Search user IP
{search_referrer_domain}Search referrer domain
{source}Traffic source macro.Set as {pubfeed}.{original_subid} for XML and {pubzone}
.{site_id} or {pubzone}.{app_id} for Display campaigns
{source_subid}Source subid
{state}Visitor's state
{subid}Publisher Feed subID
{user_agent}User agent
{zip}Visitor's postal code (if available)

AdMaven Payment Options

AdMaven allows you to deposit between $50 and $10,000 using your PayPal account or with credit / debit cards. You can also send payment through wire transfer for a minimum of $500.

AdMaven Coupon Code

Afflift has partnered with Ad-Maven to offer member affiliates a $50 bonus on your first deposit of $100 or more. Register through this link to receive your bonus: https://afflift.link/admaven

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I think they’re In-Page Push could use a little improvement. You only need to add a title to your creatives (no description needed). But when your creative is done, the title appears duplicated (one right below the other as if it is a description or as a second title). And when you edit it (changing that title completely), the deleted title appears again below the new one. I don’t know if is just me but I think that issue needs to be corrected. If it only requires one title, then why does it need to be duplicated?

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