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20,600 New Users in 2019 - The 2019 Wrap-up


Staff member
We're only 1 week into 2020 so I suppose a 2019 wrap-up post is still acceptable? :)

2019 was our first complete year of operation (we launched May of 2018). PeerFly shut down at the end of July in 2019 at which point I started working on affLIFT full-time.

2019 was an AMAZING year for our community.

Here are a few fun stats that I'll discuss a bit more in detail below:

✅ 20,600 registered users
✅ 2,260 threads
✅ 35,000 posts
✅ 2,000,000 pageviews
✅ $10,000 in prizes
✅ 49 Articles
✅ 47 Link Directory listings
✅ 2,000,000 conversations (messages)

I am being more transparent than most people would be, but one of our core values here on affLIFT is being open so let's discuss these results :D

For reference, here is thread with our goals for 2019:

🚀 20,600 registered users
I am THRILLED that we saw such huge user growth in 2019. We wanted to hit 25,000 users by the end of 2019. We topped that on November 13th. This year, I would love to see us add another 25,000 users. That's ~68 users a day so we better make it 69 just to be safe :)

🚀 2,260 threads and 35,000 posts
I did not start 2019 with a goal for the number of threads or posts created during the year. This is something I am not really concerned about. Quality > Quantity. I would rather we have 2,500 amazing threads created this year than 5,000 crappy threads with no value.

🚀 2,000,000 pageviews
Pageviews are not really a metric I pay attention to for the most part. That is probably surprising to many since most webmasters focus heavily on pageviews, but to me, it's really just a vanity metric. You should measure what matters and for affLIFT, pageviews do not really matter. Knowing there were 2,000,000 of them though is nice :D

🚀 $10,000 in prizes
I wasn't able to get an exact total for prizes yet, but it was around or a little over $10,000. This year, I want to top $15,000 in prizes from contests in the forum. We're off to a great start with our $2020 contest!

🚀 49 Articles and 47 Link Directory listings
This accomplishment is something I am proud of. One of my weekly goals for 2019 was to create more organic content and post 1 new Article per week. I hadn't even gotten the Articles section setup when I created this goal 😆 I ended up pushing for 2 new "Articles" per week because I added Link Directory listings to my "Articles" goal. I was only a few articles short of 2/week and topped the 1/week goal by far. I will be working towards 2/week (Articles + Link Directory) in 2020.

🚀 2,000,000 conversations (messages)
I think conversations here on affLIFT are one of the best channels I can use to grow our community. Conversations are the private messages you receive from me and other members. My goal for 2019 was to send out 2-3 a week and I am sure I accomplished that. Of the 2M total sent for 2019, a vast majority of them are from me. I like being able to directly message you all because it opens a great line of communication between us and it also allows me to make you aware of content that you may otherwise be missing 👍

Besides those amazing accomplishments, we also saw many new awesome Partners join our community in 2019. As we continue to grow, I am excited to be able to leverage those relationships to create awesome opportunities for our community. The $2020 contest we are doing right now is just one example. I expect many more will come :)

So, thank you for being a part of our community. We're helping people discover new affiliate marketing opportunities every single day and I could not be happier to be a part of that.

Onward and upward 🚀

John P.

Super Contributor
Nice stats there for a year :) Keep up the good work and im sure you will get to your goals this year.


Great first year.. congrats, and well deserved.. Really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us on Skype when we first got started here.


Super Contributor
Congrats Luke. It’s really amazes me in how much this community has grown in such a small time.

I bombed on all my 2019 goals. I had a really rough year. Many personal issues which caused problems. But now past that and looking to rebound!