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Push notification ads is one of the hottest traffic types today that many affiliate marketers are itching to try. Even if you don’t have a big budget, there is no need to fear, DatsPush is here!

A self-serve push notification traffic provider, DatsPush requires a minimum deposit of only $50. It’s a great place to start as any as there is no need to go through a rigorous approval process. You only need to sign up as an advertiser and you’re done! You don’t even have to confirm your email address.

As of the moment, this new ad network has generated almost 1.7 Billion active impressions across 250 countries. That is definitely a good volume. Their average bid per click is currently at $0.0304, which is actually lower than most push ads providers. Their traffic is 80% mobile and 20% desktop, with three-fourths of the entire traffic coming from the male demographic.

DatsPush Formats

There are three push notification ads types to choose from, and these are:

Mobile Push
This shows up in the user’s screen with an icon, a title, and a short text. The user would have to either close it or click the ad to see what it’s about.

Web Push
This shows up in the corner of the user’s computer screen. Depending on the push notification settings, it will either disappear after some time or would remain until the user takes action. The ad also contains an icon, a title, and a short text.

Rich Push
This is similar to the first two except that rich push ads contain a banner image.

DatsPush Campaign Creation

Campaign setup is simple enough. You simply name your campaign and set your budget. Next is narrowing down your target audience.

Targeting in DatsPush is pretty straightforward with the following options:
  • Category – you can choose between Adult, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Dating, Apps, Nutra, Quizzes and Others.
  • Browser – it lists all possible browsers and you can choose as many as you like. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can leave this blank. The default includes all browsers.
  • Platform – similar to the browser filter, it lists all that is available but can be left blank.
  • Country – choose from the 250 countries in their list. You can add as many as you like, but this field cannot be left blank.
  • Region and City – these do not depend on the countries you chose, so if you would like to add a specific area outside your country of choice, you can do so. However, it can be a problem if there are several regions or cities of the same name coming from different countries as there is no identifier.
  • Device type
Once you are done with the campaign setup, you will be brought to the creatives setup page. When setting up your creatives, keep in mind the following requirements:
  • The title must contain a maximum of 30 characters.
  • The text must not exceed 45 characters.
  • The icon file should be 192x192 pixels.
  • The main creative or banner image must be 491x398 pixels.
You then need to choose the push notification ads frequency and cap at the bottom of the page and you’re done! Their moderation team is available 24/7 so the approval process is quite fast.

DatsPush Payment Options

One of the limitations of DatsPush is that it only accepts WebMoney and ePayments. You can contact their support team through email, the Ticket section in the dashboard, Telegram or Skype to ask for other possible payment options such as PayPal.

DatsPush Coupon Code

Are you ready to try DatsPush? Get a 20% bonus when you deposit at least $100 by using our promo code datspush.forum20 upon checkout.

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Some of my frustrations using Datspush :
1. Campaigns stopped automatically when you spend half your campaign's budget. E.g. If your campaign budget is $50, you won't get anymore traffic after the campaign spends $25 (this is confirmed by their support).
2. No notification for stopped campaigns. So you have to go in and check all the time.
3. UI : Full campaign name is not visible due to narrow column width. And this is not adjustable.

Traffic Quality :
Not too bad. They do convert. I do have a few profitable campaigns. I have not tested enough because the campaigns keep stopping on their own and I don't have time to monitor all the time.

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