If you are looking to focus on promoting mobile offers, there’s one place where you can get tons of these in one dashboard, and that’s none other than MOBIPIUM (MOBIPIUM).

The company is based in Lisbon, Portugal, although they also have an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Is it worth trying out? This MOBIPIUM review will help you decide.

MOBIPIUM Review: What Affiliates Will Love About this Affiliate Network

There are a ton of things to love about this mobile performance network. Here’s what we love most:

Easy Sign Up
Creating an account is easy. All you have to do is register and wait for an account manager to contact you via email or Skype. When an account manager contacted me, I just had to answer a few questions about how I drive traffic, what GEOs I focus on, and what types of offers interest me the most. All I had to do was be honest with my responses, and after a few minutes, the account manager opened my account.

MOBIPIUM affiliate network review

Dedicated Account Manager
My account manager immediately sent me the best offers for my traffic type and vertical once I was approved. This is a good sign that they really work with their affiliates. Some affiliate networks just tell you the best offer in their network, even if those don’t qualify under your traffic, niche or vertical. It’s good to know that the account managers here actually read your preferences and take note of them.

Exclusive Offers
For one, MOBIPIUM works directly with companies and advertisers, which means higher payouts than other networks (hurray!). Probably because of their direct relationship with the advertisers, they have a lot of custom offers that you can’t find anywhere else. They currently have more than 5,000 live offers!

Although most of their offers are targeted for mobile, the landing pages are often responsive, so you can still use desktop traffic; just make sure the offer allows this.

Advanced Reporting and Marketplace Platform

If you’ve been an affiliate for a while now, you would have already used the HasOffers (TUNE) affiliate platform. Not that there’s anything wrong with networks using it, but there are so many limitations to this platform, particularly when it comes to reporting. MOBIPIUM takes care of this with their reporting platform that allows you to filter statistics based on date, country, carrier, category, offer type, and offer ID. You can also download these reports.

MOBIPIUM’s marketplace allows you to view offers in a grid fashion, displaying the payout, a preview of the offer, the countries and carriers it accepts, its daily cap, and the main traffic type that can be used. All these information being available to you in an instant without having to open the offer in a new tab is great when selecting offers. The dashboard makes it faster and easier to find the right one to promote.

Multiple Offers under One Link
Instead of having to create several affiliate links, MOBIPIUM is able to give you just one link where you can send all your traffic to. MOBIPIUM will then show the best offer to your audience based on the data about the user that they gather in real time. There are three Smartlinks you can use, and these are:
  • Adult Traffic
  • Mainstream Traffic
  • Push Notifications
Flexible Payment Options
In the beginning, you’ll be at Net 30 monthly payouts. Minimum payout is $50. You can get biweekly or weekly payouts as soon as you can prove your volume and quality. Payout options are only via Wire Transfer or PayPal.

MOBIPIUM Review: What’s Not to Love About MOBIPIUM

MOBIPIUM started out as a company that promotes their own offers themselves. They opened MOBIPIUM to affiliates because they are unable to keep up with their advertisers’ demands of more traffic volume.

The problem with this is that you will be competing with MOBIPIUM themselves. If you are running a particular traffic source and it proves to be profitable, there is a danger of MOBIPIUM scaling the offer from the same traffic source themselves since they have more budget to spend. This can easily kill your revenues. We have not yet experienced this ourselves, but as I said, this is a possibility.

All in all, our experience with MOBIPIUM has been very positive so far. With higher payouts, the easy application process, and awesome platform, promoting offers from MOBIPIUM is definitely worth a try.