If you’re planning on entering the affiliate marketing industry, you can’t go in blindly. You would need to read a lot of blogs, join a couple of forums, and follow several leaders in the industry.

However, finding a legitimate and reliable industry leader can be tough, especially since many “claim” to know all about how to become an effective and profitable affiliate marketer. If you’re looking for one who legitimately started from scratch and worked his way to millions of dollars of profit, look no further than Charles Ngo.


Who is Charles Ngo?

Charles Ngo didn’t become an affiliate marketing expert in a snap. He started out as a regular 9 to 5 employee, but with big dreams. He tried escaping the employee lifestyle by building SEO websites, selling in eBay, blogging and more. But affiliate marketing is where he struck gold.

What made affiliate marketing appealing to him is that it’s a business model where you didn’t have to invest in physical inventory and you don’t have to ship items out on your own (he’s been through that). All you have to do is promote someone else’s products and services, and once you’ve achieved the required goal (lead, sign-up, email, zip code, credit card, purchase), you get paid an agreed amount. All you have to worry about in affiliate marketing is how to promote the offers.

And this is where Charles can help you. He is the real deal when it comes to affiliate marketing. He started as an affiliate marketer in 2007, rose to fame after sharing his personal techniques and experiences, and eventually helped other affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars. He was even invited as a speaker in several affiliate summits.

Blog, Courses and Coaching Offers

Much of his knowledge about affiliate marketing, he shares in his website CharlesNgo.com. He also offers free and paid training lessons. His courses are as follows:

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing
This is his free course for affiliates. Even though it’s free, this affiliate marketing course is very intensive and will help jumpstart your affiliate marketing career. It contains 18 modules and goes over 30,000 words of content. Newbies in the industry will greatly benefit from this course, which will be drip-fed via email.

If you want to read the entire course in one sitting, or would like to have access to it offline, you can download the PDF version. This doesn’t just contain theories behind affiliate marketing; it also includes actual samples and step-by-step tutorials on how to set-up tracking, launch a campaign, and how to optimize. He even discusses the right mindset that every affiliate should have.


The LeadGen Engine
This is a paid program that Charles and the Day Brothers have developed and launched in 2018. It combines white hat techniques and email funnels to help affiliate marketers achieve six figures in the campaigns they promote.

It is a six-week course, with the following breakdown:
  • Week 1 – introduction to the course and learning how to find hot offers to promote;
  • Week 2 – two-fold lessons on (1) how to create landing pages that convert, and (2) how to create automated email sequences;
  • Week 3 – how to launch your campaigns on Facebook;
  • Week 4 – how to analyze ads data, optimize campaigns, and scale your campaigns using Facebook Ads;
  • Week 5 – a discussion of case studies;
  • Week 6 – troubleshooting and bonuses.
As of the moment, this course is closed. If you are interested to join, you can sign up for the waitlist.

The Super Affiliate Intensive
This program is where Charles Ngo helps you become a super affiliate by meeting him in person. This includes spending three days with Charles, where he will teach you the secrets to earning thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars via affiliate marketing. The information that he will share in this 3-day event is what he claims to be “too good to be shared online”.

This used to be called Affcelarator and is worth $10,000 to join. This course is not for everyone, though, and that is not just because of the price range. If you are just starting out and you take this course, most of the information may slip right by you because you won’t understand the terms and techniques that are being discussed. This course best fits those who have already been working in the affiliate marketing industry for more than a year or two, and are already profiting from their campaigns but are struggling to increase their earnings by tenfold.

Currently, this program has been discontinued until further notice.

Can Charles Ngo help you succeed in your affiliate marketing journey? Have a look at his website and see how much information he provides for free. If his free lessons can give you a lot of value, how much more for his paid ones?