Despite its lack of mainstream appeal, Pay Per Call Marketing is a hidden goldmine for those willing to delve deeper. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing that revolves around leads, downloads, and purchases, pay-per-call marketing thrives on a more direct currency—telephone calls.

However, one of the biggest hurdles in promoting pay-per-call offers is the lack of reliable tracking systems to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns. That's where Ringba comes in.

Ringba Features​

Ringba is a comprehensive system for managing, tracking, and analyzing inbound calls. It's a tool designed with marketers, media buyers, and of course, call centers in mind to enhance their advertising campaigns.

By providing granular data attribution, real-time reporting, and intricate analytics, Ringba enables these professionals to better understand their campaigns' performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize results. Think of Ringba as a powerful ally in the realm of pay-per-call marketing, where every call carries significant potential value.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure​

Ringba's hosting on a redundant and secure cloud-based platform ensures its high availability and resilience. This underpinning infrastructure provides consistent, uninterrupted service, making it a reliable solution for managing and tracking inbound calls.

Intelligent Call Routing​

The Intelligent Call Routing feature revolutionizes the way calls are managed. Rather than using a traditional, static approach, Ringba leverages data-driven algorithms to route calls to the most appropriate destination based on predefined criteria.

This might include the caller's geographical location, the time of call, or even the performance history of the receiving agent. This ensures that each call is directed to the party most likely to convert it into a successful outcome, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, this intelligent routing capability can adapt in real-time, adjusting to fluctuations in call volumes, agent availability, or campaign criteria. With this feature, Ringba empowers businesses to boost their conversion rates and monetize their inbound calls more efficiently.


Precise Reporting​

One of the key aspects that sets Ringba apart is its precise and real-time reporting system. Time is a resource you can't afford to waste—Ringba understands this. That's why it offers instant access to all your data at an unprecedented scale.

Whether it's viewing, grouping, filtering, or sorting, the platform allows for immediate manipulation and exportation of your data. This ability to instantly monitor and analyze your call data enables you to make swift and informed decisions, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Introductions to Pay-Per-Call Networks​

Finally, Ringba holds a strong rapport with numerous leading Pay-Per-Call Networks, and they are willing to introduce affiliates to these networks. Their shortlist of performance networks include Affiliati, Assure Media, Call Trader, MarketCall, and more.

Ringba Fees​

Ringba offers diverse pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. The BASIC plan, available at no monthly cost, includes features like local tracking at $0.065 per minute, toll-free tracking at $0.075 per minute, local numbers at $3 per month, toll-free numbers at $4 per month and call recording at $0.01 per minute.

For those seeking more comprehensive benefits, the PREMIUM plan, priced at $99 monthly, offers more affordable rates. Features under this plan include local tracking for as low as $0.045 per minute, toll-free tracking at just $0.055 per minute, local numbers for $2 monthly, toll-free numbers for $3 monthly, and call recording for an affordable $0.005 per minute.

This tiered pricing structure lets businesses choose a plan that matches their call traffic, promoting a more cost-effective use of the platform.