When it comes to performance marketing, many people think that it is limited to Pay Per Lead (PPL/CPL) or Pay Per Sale (PPS/CPS). But, did you know that there is another CPA type that is not as utilized as the rest? And that is none other than Pay Per Call.

According to Invoca, 65% of people prefer to call businesses, while only 24% prefer contacting them through a webform. This means there’s a bigger chance for affiliates to earn more from driving calls than leads since people instinctively want to call businesses anyway.

But what exactly is Pay Per Call and how can affiliates earn from it?


Pay Per Call Defined

As its name itself implies, affiliates who promote Pay Per Call offers will be paid once they send valid client calls to the advertiser. Similar to other CPA types, affiliates are provided with a unique number or tracking link that will help the performance network or the advertiser determine which affiliate sent the call.

Advertisers who utilize pay per call over other CPA types believe that they are able to control the customer experience when they talk to the customer themselves. They can also push the customers to the brand’s desired actions through the call.

Calls, like leads, are evaluated for quality. Some metrics that performance networks look into are:
  • Duration of call
  • Time of call
  • Location of the call
  • New or repeat customers
  • Call outcome (getting customer information or even closing a sale)
Many advertisers and performance marketing networks filter calls based on the caller’s response to phone prompts or questions. Interactive Voice Response or IVR are used for phone prompts. This allows the network to reroute the call to the best offer, or the advertiser to direct the call to a local branch based on the answers they receive.

How to Promote Pay Per Call Offers

There are several ways to promote pay per call offers, many of which are being used already for promoting other CPA offers. But your choice of marketing would highly depend on what type of tracking the advertiser uses.

As mentioned above, a Pay Per Call affiliate will be provided with any of these two:
  1. Unique phone number – this phone number is unique to every affiliate. Because the affiliate has an exclusive phone number assigned, he can make use of almost any kind of marketing technique available – whether it be online or offline. Affiliates can even use traditional marketing methods such as radio, print, TV and more.
  1. Dynamic tracking code – this works like any typical affiliate tracking link, except that this one is a code snippet that affiliates can place on their website or landing pages. The phone number in itself is not unique – but when the click to call action is executed, the code makes sure the data points leading to the call are tracked in order to properly pinpoint which affiliate drove the call. Since the affiliate is provided with the code, he can only use marketing methods that would allow him to embed a code snippet.
Pay Per Call offers are available in various networks nowadays. Examples of networks that have PPCall are Commission Junction and Aragon Advertising. Affiliate networks you belong to may actually have some pay per call offers themselves, so if you’d like to try running one, you should ask your affiliate manager first. Who knows, pay per call might prove to be your golden ticket in affiliate marketing.

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