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Apr 17, 2018
Happy New Year everyone! I decided to kick off 2024 by adding $2024 to our RevShare payments this month. So, every day this month you'll have an opportunity to earn even more money with RevShare πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

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Best way to earn RevShare is simply by being active here on affLIFT. Creating a new affiliate campaign to start the year? Post a follow along. Find something interesting on your latest pop campaign? Create a thread about it. Not sure about something? Create a thread asking a question.

We're also going to be releasing a new Beginners Course very soon so you'll have an opportunity to go through that and earn as well :D

Onward and upward πŸ’°

Just sent out a bunch of RevShare payments so it seems the increase is helping :D
Just sent out a big batch of RevShare payments. If you have an old thread you haven't updated in awhile, now might be the time! :D
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Yes, I use Dark Reader - the best.

I like having both in as many places/devices as possible.

Dislike light mode burning my retinas at night. And can't stand dark mode all the time.

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