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PureLander is a landing page builder created specifically for affiliates doing CPA marketing. It has cool features that affiliates need and is very cheap at just $25 for a 6 month membership! It's even cheaper if you use our PureLander coupon (shown below) :)

Landing pages can help turn your affiliate marketing campaigns from a negative investment into a long-term ROI positive adventure.

PureLander makes creating those landing pages easy.

PureLander Landing Page Builder Features
▶️ A countdown to create a sense of urgency on your landing pages
▶️ An exit pop-up to try and get a lead before the user exits
▶️ A mobile vibration feature to grab mobile user's attention
▶️ A timed redirect which sends users to another page after a set amount of time
▶️ On-screen javascript message alerts to get users attention
▶️ Audio which gives you a way to speak to your audience
▶️ Making the entire page clickable so that no matter where users click, they will be taken to your affilaite offer
▶️ Disabling the back button so that users are forced to stay on your landing page

PureLander Coupon
💰Use our special PureLander discount page and get 12% off your PureLander membership. That's a 6 month membership for just $20!

PureLander Review
✅ You can find more information about their impressive landing page builder in our PureLander review.

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Just signed up for Purelander, it seems very promising!

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Purelander is by far my favorite Landing Page Builder / Ripper, for someone who doesn't enjoy the manual timely work of coding and especially if special javascript features like an countdown, an exit pop-up, mobile vibration, On Screen Alerts, Redirects & sounds need to be added are nearly impossible for a newbie without some javascript experience. So that's definitely a huge point.

My second point would be that the Code Editor that you can use in Pure Lander is way easier to navigate and changes can be seen instant, it also functions similar to a normal text editor like NotePad+ or Sublime so don't get me wrong to use Pure Lander you should still learn the fundamentals, but I prefer Purelander to make quick adjustments, time = money

As mentioned above it also contains a Landing Page Ripper which is like my main usecase, you can just copy & paste the Landing Page you want to RIP and voila it's yours, the only worth alternative to use in my opinion is spytools like anstrex ripper, but purelander is still my number 1 to rip landers

My Last big Point are the templates, purelander has various pre-built landers in different verticals like: sweeps,VPN,antivirus,dating,crypto so you get proven funnels which you can change remember: Rather innovate then invent in this fast space 😄

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