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PureLander is an amazing tool, i was used purelander earlier but after my subscription expired i was straggling to pay but my card declined several times. Then Purelander team allow me 2-month free subscription for free.
Good Landing page builder. It has ready to use templates that are specifically made for affiliate marketers. Also it cost much less compared to other such tools.
  • L_Chee
  • 4.00 star(s)
As an affiliate marketer, crafting compelling landing pages is a must, and that's where PureLander steps in. Their landing page templates have been a game-changer for me. Being someone without coding expertise, I was glad to discover a platform that fits my requirements.

The platform's user-friendly design made customization a breeze. I could make limited customizations to the templates to match my campaign's look and feel, although extensive changes aren't possible due to the absence of a drag-and-drop system.

Of course, no tool is perfect, PureLander does have its limitations. As mentioned, you won't find drag-and-drop functionality here, and there are a few minor quirks like the fixed appearance of certain elements, including the CTA button. Another limitation is that you have to host the landing page separately, which adds an extra step to the process. However, considering the bigger picture, these limitations are minor setbacks.

In summary, PureLander has become my go-to for creating landing pages in affiliate marketing. Their templates have made a significant difference in my campaigns.

A big shoutout to PureLander for offering a solution that simplifies landing page creation for people without coding skills like me. It's not flawless, but it's a valuable tool that gets the job done.
Purelander is by far my favorite Landing Page Builder / Ripper, for someone who doesn't enjoy the manual timely work of coding and especially if special javascript features like an countdown, an exit pop-up, mobile vibration, On Screen Alerts, Redirects & sounds need to be added are nearly impossible for a newbie without some javascript experience. So that's definitely a huge point.

My second point would be that the Code Editor that you can use in Pure Lander is way easier to navigate and changes can be seen instant, it also functions similar to a normal text editor like NotePad+ or Sublime so don't get me wrong to use Pure Lander you should still learn the fundamentals, but I prefer Purelander to make quick adjustments, time = money

As mentioned above it also contains a Landing Page Ripper which is like my main usecase, you can just copy & paste the Landing Page you want to RIP and voila it's yours, the only worth alternative to use in my opinion is spytools like anstrex ripper, but purelander is still my number 1 to rip landers

My Last big Point are the templates, purelander has various pre-built landers in different verticals like: sweeps,VPN,antivirus,dating,crypto so you get proven funnels which you can change remember: Rather innovate then invent in this fast space 😄
I'm using the Dating landings. It's a good tool. saves you a lot of time. In my case, I know how to create websites and I have found it very comfortable. I think that also for a beginner it can be simple.
  • AdamG
  • 5.00 star(s)
Very good and easy to use Landing page builder/copier/ripper/importer/editor.

It has got useful editing functions and clear interface.
Includes a lot of ready-to-use proven templates.
And with very affordable pricing (compared to other similar solutions).
It’s a great landing page service at such a cheap price. It’s worth every single penny for the quality of service PureLander provides. It is perfectly suited for newbies and also for intermediate marketers who are poor at coding and designing. Lots of new features have been added. so do give it a try.
PureLander can help you save a lot of time, it is easy to make many landers,
and PureLander still has a lot of help for people who can read code.👍
Tips: Each of the above landers can be used as a template, which can modify countless landers😍
In simple words, it’s good and cheap! For only $25, you get access to the full list of PureLander's conversion boosting features for half of the year, six months!
You can rip any landing page and add any feature you like to it. You can also increase the CTR by blocking go back button of the visitor.
All in all, I don’t see any negative point that can stop me from using it. Although I’m in the mode of direct linking these days but I’ll go for landing pages sooner or later and it’s the time when PureLander will be my best friend.
  • Bolo
  • 5.00 star(s)
💯 Legit, this guy.. From the most affordable Landing Page Creator in AM , that has so many Unique features , the link Replacer and Ripper are my favorites , to the personal Support I have received over the Years. Hands down one of my most important Resources in my AM Business. Super fast landing pages on AWS is so affordable and easy. Thanks again Tyouseff.
  • jairene
  • 4.00 star(s)
Purelander is great if you are in a hurry to create a landing page for one of your offers. It's super cheap, too.

However, there are a couple of things I didn't like with the builder that can be improved:

1. SEARCH FUNCTION. There is no option to search lps based on category (you have to search through an endless list, you can only filter based on device)

2. ELEMENTS. The elements are not available in the editor, like for instance you want a countdown, if it's not available in the current LP, you won't be able to add that. You can't even copy the script of an element from a different landing page and paste it to a new one (I tried, it doesn't work).

If these can be improved, it would be awesome in my eyes. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if that happens.
  • Pablo T
  • 4.00 star(s)
Purelander is a great service and it's very cheap, so it's great for beginners. However, it's difficult to find the landers you want in their inventory because they aren't classified and they lack a search option. I've found it hard to modify some landers because it doesn't have the most friendly drag and drop editor, but it works most of the time. If you don't have coding knowledge and need to create landing pages for CPA, this is the service you need.
A wide range of landing pages (not the newest), and the price helps a lot a beginner. Unfortunately, he always says that he will update the landing pages more often, but it never happens. A categorization of landing pages would help a lot, it is quite difficult to make changes (adding a button, adding an element other than what exists) to a landing page if you do not have coding knowledge. I like that you can import landing pages and modify existing elements more easily.
No search function by category, languages etc.
Expect users to go through 18 pages of landers to find the desired lp. Not very user-friendly.
  • Akahma
  • 4.00 star(s)
for me, It's the easiest, cheapest way to have a very specific landing age in minutes. If its templates are updated regularly it will be more than awsome
  • Rob
  • 5.00 star(s)
Great price for what is offered. Landing pages for most verticals are provided and the customization options allow you to make them your own.
Great tool to get some quality prelanders. Lately i only use every so often to rip prelanders. Their inbuilt customizing tool is ok, if you do not have knowledge of html.
  • samb19
  • 5.00 star(s)
My best landing page creation tool. No brainer. Very helpful tutorials for beginners and very helpful support. All most all vertical landing page available. Easy to use. 100% recommended.
For $20 bucks this is well worth purchasing. Purelander made it easy for me to develop quick landing pages, from basic 1 click button landers to advertorials and survey pages. The UI may be tough to test out but it does the job and I was able to export a lot of landers.

If you are a newbie affiliate and need to develop landers without any coding skill. Purelander is the right too for you. A+++ 5 stars!!
The landers of Pure Lander are easy to set up. Saves having to create my own from scratch. The only issue I've had is trying to adjust text boxes and move buttons on pages.

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