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In the world of affiliate marketing, there is no worse sin than not tracking your campaigns. If you can’t track from which countries or which creatives or which sources (or other parameters) you are earning and losing money from, you are bound to bleed a lot of cash.

However, if you are just starting your affiliate marketing journey, chances are you would like to focus your money on ad spend and not on anything else. This is where BeMob can save you.

One of the most popular tracking tools in affLIFT, BeMob offers an awesome Basic plan that allows for 100,000 events per month for free! Let’s dive in and see how BeMob tracker can help you turn your campaigns profitable.


BeMob Features

Real-Time Statistics and Data Reporting
BeMob offers real-time tracking, which is important for properly optimizing your campaigns. It allows you to drill down to the very core of the campaigns you are running, as you can use up to 15 parameters to track campaign performance.

Cloud-Based Technology
Instead of installing and hosting the tool in your own server, BeMob allows you to manage your campaigns in their own secure server. This means lesser costs for the user as there is no need for him to purchase his own server.

Data Security
Even if the tracker is not installed in your own server, BeMob tracker assures its members of data security. This means your campaign data are protected from the prying eyes of your competitors.

Landing Pages Testing
Instead of creating several campaigns for one offer, you can opt to use and split test several landing pages in one campaign. You can assign the weight value per landing page depending on how much of the traffic you’d like each landing page to receive.

Manual Bot Blacklisting
If you know the IP addresses, referrers, user agents, etc. of incoming bot traffic, you can manually set a filter to block these bot from accessing your landing pages and offers.

Instant Redirect
You need not worry about the system slowing down as BeMob makes use of 11 Amazon data centers around the world to ensure high-speed redirecting of your links.

Custom Redirect Domains
BeMob allows its users to utilize their default domains; however, since there are a ton of advertisers using the same domain name, it would be wise to use your own. There are two types of custom redirect domains that BeMob lets you use:

1. Custom Tracking Domain
There is a risk of getting flagged by traffic networks when using a domain name that is used by a whole other bunch of affiliates. To prevent this from happening, you can opt for a custom tracking domain so that you will be using a domain free from any negative record. In addition, you can set-up a redirect root to a URL if you don’t want to show a 404 error when someone tries to access your root URL.

2. Cloaking Domain
If you want to hide the referrer data of your audience from your affiliate network, you can use cloaking domains.
Setting up a custom domain can easily be done in the BeMob dashboard.


BeMob Tutorial

We have a ton of great content in our forum including many BeMob tutorials. Here are a list of threads that you should consider reading through to learn more about BeMob:
If you are looking for more help with BeMob, search the forum for BeMob and you'll find many BeMob tutorials 👍

BeMob Pricing

There are five types of plans to choose from:
Free/Basic – as previously mentioned, BeMob offers this free plan for up to 100,000 events per month. There is no limit to how long you can use this plan. The charge in excess of your events limit is $0.16 for every 1,000 events.

Professional – priced at $49 per month, you will have longer data retention of up to 1 month. It has a limit of 1 million events per month, with an overage charge of $0.05 per 1,000 events.

Business – priced at $249 monthly, this plan has a ceiling of 10 million events per month. Excess events are charged at $0.025 for every thousand. Your account can store data for up to 3 months.

Enterprise – the most expensive plan in BeMob, this plan is priced at $499 per month. Data retention of your campaigns is up to 6 months. The limit per month is 30 million events, with an overage charge of only $0.02 for every thousand.

BeMob Coupon

Would you like to try BeMob? Use our BeMob promo code AFFLIFT when you sign up to the tracker and get an extra $50 credit on your account in case you go over the 100k free credits!

👉 Register for BeMob here!

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Very easy to use tracking tool.
They have almost any traffic source that exist that you can integrate in few clicks, and also full docs on how to do something if you don't know.

One thing that I really like is that they have a FREE plan that not available at all of the tracking tools which let you try and run some traffic before you pay for it

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