Guide Setting up a Landing Page on BeMob


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Setting up a landing page on BeMob is pretty easy. Here is a quick outline. Both @BeMob and I are here to help. This guide is assuming:
  1. You've already created your landing page
  2. You're only going to use 1 offer on it
  3. Your traffic source is already setup in BeMob
  4. The affiliate offer you want to promote is already setup in BeMob
Here's how I've done it:
  1. Click on Landings
    1. Click on New
      1. Enter the landing page Name
      2. Enter the landing page URL
      3. Optional: you can append the Available tokens to your link if you want but it's not required
      4. Click Save
  2. Click on Campaigns
    1. Click on New
      1. Add your campaign Name
      2. Select your Traffic source
      3. Choose Built in-flow
        1. Select your landing page under LANDINGS
        2. Select the affiliate offer you want to use under OFFERS
        3. Click Save
  3. Update your landing page code
    1. Copy your landing pixel under your Campaign Links
    2. Paste your landing pixel onto the bottom of your landing page code (right above </body>
    3. Add the Click URL to every call to action on your landing page
  4. Use the Campaign test URL...


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