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  • wolf
  • 5.00 star(s)
Super Fast Redirection. Customer support is great. 5 satrs. Most advanced tracking tool I ever met. Good Work
You need a tracker - complexity (new tool & I am a newbie)
Tracker costs money - budget (I have not paid a single penny, I am a newbie).
These are the two biggest issues newbies have with the trackers.
And, they want to avoid trackers.

In the market, there are loads of trackers, then why BeMob?
a) It's free to use up to a certain limit.
b) It's as complex as any other 100% paid tracker, not even a bit extra.
c) You are a free user, but you still get support. With the support, the learning curve is not as steep as it can be when you are on your own.

If you cross the free limit, it means you are making money; why not pay for the tool, when you are making money.
BeMob is my go-on tracker. It’s a cloud-based tracker which works great for affiliates, media buyers and teams.
It has the complete set of tools to run your ad campaigns in the most efficient way. The features included but not limited to: fast redirects, user-friendly interface, extensive list of pre-configured traffic sources and affiliate networks, detailed reporting and API access and so on.
Go for it if you have not tried it yet!
One of the best Tracking software I came across and really affordable, especially for a newbie with a tight budget. They have a basic plan with 100,000 free events which is great. The support is efficient and quick.
So, if you are just starting out and on a budget, I highly recommend using bemob.
Great support, great interface, but sometimes it takes slow. Maybe because it is a CLOUD BASE tracker! But, the gold things is IT IS FREE to try! If You are a NEWBIE Who wants to learn about the trackers, use this and You will not regret it! :)
BeMob is my first tracker that i use. They doing amazing work for newbie with free service. Highly recommended for newbie. Lots of love for BeMob
  • Bolo
  • 5.00 star(s)
Haven't used them very long so far , but the ease of use and set up is Awesome , especially if you struggle with Tracking. The Support is Great as well as Communication.
  • Pablo T
  • 5.00 star(s)
BeMob is a great tool. This is only the second tracking tool I've used, and it's great for a beginner that you can start using such a powerful tool for free. So far, it had templates for configuring all my traffic sources and affiliate networks, making it very easy to set up. Some say you must migrate to a more powerful tracker when you progress as an affiliate marketer, but I'll have to wait and see.
This was one of the first trackers I've ever used because they offer a free plan up to 100,000 events per month.

I've made my first ClickBank sale using this tracker... for FREE (Basic Plan)

Their interface is user-friendly and even a beginner could easily understand what's going on and how to set things up. You'll also find a ton of tutorials on how to use BeMob on youtube and google.
Have you ever looked at a Voluum demo at a conference or look at hundreds of tutorials of people using Voluum but you're too poor to afford Voluum. Bemob is your answer. As a Voluum user, I find Bemob to be almost the exact feel as Voluum. Creating multiple flows and A/B testing offers is a breeze to setup.

If you're a newbie affiliate, Bemob should be your number #1 choice as your first tracker.
Well, the only feature which is missing here is a pre-defined set of rules to detect Bots and low-quality traffic - like humans behind proxies. You can add the Bot or low-quality traffic rules manually if you have fingerprints of them.If someone shares it with you, then it's not an issue anymore. However, that is important for some offers, for many others, is not such a big issue. I'm for example in eCommerce there the main criteria for optimizing - Are there valid sales or no? Also, many Aff networks don't twist your arms about traffic quality, bots etc... especially when it comes to Nutra, and COD.
BeMob saved me nice money last month, even with the free account, because with eComm and Native ads you can't drain so easily 100.000 free events per month, that they give you monthly for free.
Even if you are new to tracking, and don't know what you are doing, chances are that you still are going to set up it right. Because they offer you tons of ready-made patterns for almost any traffic source or affiliate network you might ever need! And, there is a ton of step by step tutorials on BeMob site.
BeMob tracking system is intuitive to use once you become familiar with its tracking features. Support is excellent. I also appreciate the free subscription until a certain level of traffic is generated. This is helpful with costs when you are new at CPA marketing
i love Bemob, they give you 1000000
free events, and there UI is so amazing and simple.
and it's cloud hosted :).
Perfect tracking tool for the beginner affiliates. They have a great support and really good budget friendly free plan (with 100 000 free events) for start in this business.
I used Bemob a lot because their support is top notch. They will help you setup your postback URL of your traffic source from scratch. I learned a lot from them by asking questions through their support chat. Another thing that made me use them is the discount for 3 months. I got 3 months 25% discount from them twice. All I do is ask them if it's possible to get a discount. The support gets back to me with a discount after coordinating with the finance department. I highly recommend Bemob to someone who's looking for a tracker..
Perfect - it's free to start, perfect for beginners - even if you are paying is not so expensive , Ads can be spied on moment by moment
Perfect - it's free to start, perfect for beginners - even if you are paying is not so expensive - easy to use as well.
  • Gold
  • 4.00 star(s)
BeMob was my first tracker, where I have learned how to track affiliate/performance marketing campaigns. It is suitable for beginners, has a great free plan (very generous one) and a lot of ad network templates, so you don't have to do a lot of work to integrate it with traffic sources and affiliate networks. I used it for eCommerce campaigns also, with a conversion pixel (which is a great feature for eCommerce, without the need to do S2S postback).
i am a beginner so the free plan of bemob rely helped me until i learned how things work and their interface its rely easy to understand and they a lots of guides how to setup your tracker with different affiliate network .
  • eratul
  • 5.00 star(s)
Its free plan attract most new affiliates like me. What i most like their support system, they reply in very less time.The best thing every time i got solution from their support time. Bemob provides all necessary features and its drilldown feature provide deep data of campaign.

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