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Guide Free Optimizer Tool - Booster Script ⚡ (PropellerAds+BeMob)



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Community Leader
May 2, 2018
In a few threads I mentioned that I have my own optimizer tool that I used to optimise my campaigns. Some of these optimizations include simple rules like blacklisting zones that have low CTR or low ROI. I use it even on CPA campaigns so that CPA algo doesn’t spend too much on a single zone.

The tool was inspired by TheOptimizer (which is a great tool, btw). They even offer a 15 day trial if you want to test it.

Since some members asked me in a private message if I would be willing to share this tool, I've decided to create a simple script which you can use as your own free optimizer tool. This script can execute rules you define, and it can run 24/7. The setup is really simple. No coding skills are required :)

This script can be used with PropellerAds as traffic source and BeMob as tracker. I know most members use PropellerAds as a traffic source, and since BeMob has a free plan with API included I’ve decided to go with that.

This tool can do two things: blacklist zones and pause the campaign.

For example, you can block all zones
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