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Guide Free Optimizer Tool - Booster Script ⚡ (PropellerAds+Skro)



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May 2, 2018
Since the first version of the optimizer script gained so much attention, and a few members asked me if I could do a version that supports Skro tracker instead of BeMob, I decided that I will do it!

Skro finally fixed some speed issues they had before (it’s still not perfect, but it will do!), we can now move on to a new version of this script!

The setup is almost the same as with the previous version, only this time you’ll need an API key from your Skro tracker. It’s still made only for PropellerAds traffic source.

Same as the previous one, this tool can do two things: blacklist zones and pause the campaign.

For example, you can block all zones that have spent more than $10 and have negative ROI, or you can stop the traffic if the campaign generates a $50 loss (-$50 profit). Or you can blacklist all zones that got 1000+ visits and have 0 conversions.

And now... The Booster Script ⚡(SKRO version)

You can get the Booster Script (Google Sheets file) here:


You can use this script for all bidding models (like SmartCPM) - not just CPA. I used CPA just
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