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If you are new to affiliate marketing, you’d of course want to sign up with an affiliate network that is newbie-friendly. This means an affiliate network that will show you the ropes in a basic step by step manner, without being condescending.

In this aspect, MyLead Global is probably the most beginner-friendly network out there. It is also a great network for pro affiliates.


MyLead Global Network

MyLead has a ton of great features that make them a great affiliate network, but here are some of our favorites:

Multiple Earning Models
With other affiliate networks, there would be a maximum of three or four payment models. With MyLead, there are a whole lot of other models, which are:
  1. Cost per Sale - affiliates earn per sale.
  2. Cost per Lead - affiliates earn per lead, which can be an email sign-up, phone and address fill-up, and more.
  3. Cost per Action - affiliates earn for a specific action the advertiser wants, such as a click-through, placing the zip code, answering a survey, or more.
  4. Pay Per Install - affiliates earn every time a user installs an app or software.
  5. IVR - the affiliate earns whenever a user calls the advertiser’s customer service center and the call lasts for at least a minute.
  6. SMS Chat - the affiliate earns for every SMS chat reply the user makes when talking to the advertiser’s customer service center.
  7. SMS - affiliates earn when a subscription is made by a user and paid via increased SMS cost.
🕵️‍♂️ You can search through and filter the affiliate programs available on MyLead without signing up so if you aren't sure if they have what you are looking for, just give their search a try!

Exclusive Mobile Apps
MyLead creates their own mobile applications, with new ones introduced regularly. This means these offers are exclusive and have higher payouts.

Intuitive Customer Panel
Affiliates are able to verify their real-time earnings as MyLead has a reliable, intuitive and clear reporting dashboard.

Excellent Support and Training
As previously mentioned, MyLead Global offers very well-detailed training on how to earn money that newbies can easily apply. And if in any case, you don’t understand any part of the training or you need additional assistance, then you can reach out to their customer service. They even answer during weekends.

Website Profitability Audit
If you are maintaining a website and want to know how to best earn from it, you can submit your website to MyLead for auditing. The internet marketing experts from MyLead will get back to you with proposals on how to best monetize your site without losing your audience.

The audit will include the following information:
  • Full website assessment
  • Which affiliate programs available in MyLead you can use
  • Aspects of your website that you can improve on
  • List of right tools that you can use on your website
This audit comes from a group of affiliate marketing experts who have experience in creating their own websites and making them profitable.

Webmaster Tools
MyLead has created great tools to help webmasters monetize their site. These are:
  • Content Locker
  • Video Locker
  • Publish Actions App Center
  • Deeplink
  • A/B Testing
  • Advertising Banners

MyLead Payment Options

One of the best things about MyLead is that the minimum payout amount is $20, which is the lowest threshold in the industry. Their payment options include wire transfer and PayPal. Also, except for the first payment, payouts are usually completed within 48 hours.


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