Guide When to cut a campaign/ad/geo/zone/offer (using statistics and scary math stuff)...



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Oct 15, 2019
If math was never your thing then this post might be a bit difficult to digest at first, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep it simple enough that you won’t drown straight away and can come back after a couple of Red Bulls and try and force these concepts down. I think they’re important to understand in this game, at least to some degree and I spent quite a bit of time early on banging away at this until it made sense and it's really helped a lot.


It’s going to be unavoidable that this post is going to discuss some mathematical concepts that have long and complicated (scary) names – things like “statistical significance” and “binomial confidence intervals”. But don’t worry, that’s about as tricky as it’s going to get. I’ll leave talking about “stochastic discrimination” and “random decision forests” to the guys from @Kintura which seems to have some pretty advanced AI capabilities that members like @DEADZ have been talking about:
Reading that thread is what got me thinking about writing this, but I think that the reason why you should at least try to understand ‘some’ statistical concepts to ‘some’ degree
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