Guide Using Github with Netlify to Streamline the Process

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May 7, 2018
A popular post of mine here on the forum is about using Netlify with Cloudflare to host your landing pages for free. They’re fast, and using the user interface(s) is relatively easy.

That’s great, but what if I told you it can get even better?

In this thread, I’m going to show you how you can add Github into the mix, allowing you to never have to visit Netlify (or Cloudflare) when you change or upload new files.

Note: this guide is assuming you are using VS Code as your code editor. If you’re not, I can’t help you.

Making a Github Repository​

For this example, I’m going to have a single landing page (the “iphone” folder), within my main “project” folder called GITHUB-NETLIFY-EXAMPLE.


When I say project, I mean the main folder that holds all of your landing pages. This main folder can have one folder with a landing page as I have, or literally hundreds of folders each containing a different landing page. The choice is yours.

Now we’re ready to turn this folder into a Git repository.

With your project open, in the main
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