The adult niche is teeming with traffic nowadays. Watching adult movies is no longer as embarrassing and as off-limits (or taboo) as before, which lead to the explosion of this type of content. Indeed, watching porn has become so normal that porn sites even have newspaper and billboard ads! While some people still argue the morality of it all, there is still a glaring truth -- there is a lot of money to be made with the adult vertical, especially for affiliates.

So if you are considering promoting adult offers, now is the perfect time. And do you know who the most trusted CPA network for this vertical is? CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue Review

The Pros of Working with CrakRevenue

There are numerous things to love about CrakRevenue, but let me narrow them down to my top four.

1. On-Time Payments and Helpful Affiliate Managers

It’s all about the money; after all, it’s what pushes us to drive more traffic to their offers. If their payments are delayed, I would have second doubts about working with them. Thankfully, they’ve always paid on time. Plus, it’s pretty easy to reach out to my account manager if I had any questions.


This cam site is the most popular one online, and it is being offered exclusively in CrakRevenue. Aside from the PPL conversion method, they also have Revenue Share. So if you are confident that your traffic will convert to paying customers, this will be more lucrative for you in the long run.

3. Live Cam Widget

Other CPA networks have live cam offers, but they stop at providing looped or generic banners. However, the Live Cam Widget at CrakRevenue displays real, live cams that are streaming the moment the user lands on your webpage. This ensures higher conversions since once users click to watch the performance, they land at a page that features the live show of the exact, actual person displayed in the live cam ad.

CrakRevenue Offers.png

4. Survey Machine

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to filter and warm up an audience. The good news is that you can create one right within Crak Revenue’s platform. You only need to pick a design, place your questions, and then choose the vertical of the offers that you want to give as a reward to the user who completed the survey. You can then place the code on your website and start sending traffic to it. Users who completed the survey are pretty much engaged and highly converting.

If you would notice, three out of my top four advantages of working with CrakRevenue focuses on their features. But that’s because these features are so great! And now, for the cons.

The Cons of Working with CrakRevenue

1. Some of the PPS Offers are Too Aggressive

When I say too aggressive, I mean the offer or product asks the user to subscribe or purchase too early in the game. As per my experience, you really need to warm up the audience not only through landing pages, but by also providing them content bit by bit until they bite. A good funnel would be nice for these offers.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of offers to choose from, so if you find it hard to convert these high-paying PPS ones, then you can always go for the easier ones such as the PPLs, or even RevShare, if you are feeling confident.

2. Registration Requires Previous Experience

In short, you need to be an experienced affiliate marketer to be able to join. Sure, signing up is easy, but CrakRevenue also asks and verifies your traffic sources and previous experiences. Though this can be advantageous for mid-level and pro-affiliates (read: less competition), it can be problematic for newbies. I suggest gaining experience with other CPA networks first before coming back and signing up for CrackRevenue.

3. Limited Payment Options

Available payment methods are only via Wire, ACH, Paxum or Check. They don’t accept Payoneer, while PayPal is only allowed for affiliates based in the USA and Canada. This can be bad news for many international affiliates who want to get paid instantly in order to use the cash flow to keep their traffic going.

The Verdict: Five Stars!

CrakRevenue has received numerous accolades for being one of the best CPA platforms to date. This is why affiliates hither and yon are raring to work with them. If you would be willing to overlook the cons mentioned above, then you are in for a cracking good time with CrakRevenue.

This review was written by our community member, Jairene :)