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One of the longest running pop network today, PopAds has been around since 2010. The company operates across three countries, with the main company located in Costa Rica, the support team in Poland and the technical team in the US.

Newbie affiliate marketers can easily penetrate the pop networks scene with PopAds because the network set a low barrier of entry – to the tune of $10 minimum deposit.

PopAds Features

Curious about what Pop Ads can do for you? Here are its top features:

Simple Advertiser/Publisher Panel
There is only one account for both Advertiser and Publisher. So aside from using their ppv traffic, you can also promote PopAds in your websites and earn as well. Their dashboard is pretty straightforward. You can find everything you need in one area, such as Campaign Setup, current campaigns, reports, traffic inventory, and Knowledge Base.

Quality Selection
Unlike other pop networks where you asses the quality of traffic based on what you receive and just pause low-quality sources, PopAds has already imposed quality metrics for their websites. You can choose to target higher quality websites; however, this comes at a premium of pricier cost per impression.

Popads net evaluates its source website’s quality based on the number of ads on the website. The more ads present on a page, the lower the quality. If PopAds is the only ad provider on the website, then that site will automatically be included in the top 10% when it comes to quality.

Adscore Traffic Validation
There are four types of traffic that you can get from PopAds, and you have the option to block traffic from any of these types. These traffic types are as follows:
  • Valid Traffic – real human traffic that comes from residential internet connections;
  • Proxy Traffic – real human traffic that use VPN or proxy to hide their actual location. This is cheaper than valid traffic.
  • Junk Traffic – these are considered real human traffic, except that they are using outdated software or hardware. Similar to proxy traffic, this type is cheaper than valid traffic.
  • Bot Traffic – non-human traffic.
By default, only the Valid Traffic is allowed in a new campaign. Again, you can adjust these settings as you see fit.

Full-Control Targeting
There are eight types of targeting options in PopAds net, and these are:
  1. Category targeting – you can choose general categories up to really niche ones.
  2. Country targeting
  3. Society targeting – this is based on the language and population in the area.
  4. Environment targeting – this includes the operating system and type of browsers.
  5. Device targeting
  6. Connection targeting – this includes private and public internet connections, as well as the connection type and speeds (such as cable/DSL, dialup, etc.)
  7. Time targeting
  8. Website targeting – if you already know which websites you’d like to get traffic from, you can include them in the Whitelist. Conversely, you can add websites to the Blacklist if you don’t want traffic from them. However, as PopAds does not provide a list of websites they work with, it would be best to keep this Disabled at the start of the campaign. Once you have gathered enough data, you can opt to Whitelist or Blacklist websites based on your results.

PopAds Payment Options

There are five ways to fund your account, and these are through PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin and Boleto Bancario (Brazilian payment method).

If you’d like to test PopAds traffic, just deposit a minimum of $10. If you don’t like it, PopAds will allow you to withdraw any amount that you haven’t used. It’s a win-win situation.

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