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Apr 9, 2019
Spyover one of the Leaders Native Ads Spytools " also have Push" but its mainly known for its Native Tool


Let's go for a complete explanation of the tool and how you can get the most out of it "Native First "

It has good filtration :
You can Filter Ads By

1- Newest, Running Longest, Received most Traffic, and Real Views" Only available for the last 30 days" and it shows the trend of selected option/s"Countries/Device"
It has A Tab for Direct Translation of Founded Ads.
2- Time: Spy over Database starts from 03-06-2017 Till today and it has 9.0 + Million Ads
3-Days Alive filtration:
Slider from 1 to 1000 Days. you can adjust it Gradually if you searching for specific Long-running Ads. " Usually Used for specific Campaign Research"
4- Networks: 14 networks (Taboola-Outbrain-Mgid-Revcontent-Plista-AdsKeeper-EngageYa-Midas Network-Content.Ad-AdNow-Yahoo Gemini-Yengo-Adblade-PropellerAds)
5- Countries: 180+Countires Counted

6-Languages: 100+ languages Counted (109 Exactly)

7- Extension: (Bmp-Png-Webp-Jpeg/Jpg-Gif )
Very useful when searching for animated creatives :)

8- Device -Windows-OSX-iOS mobile-iOS tablet-Android mobile-Android tablet) .

9- Browsers : (-Chrome--FireFox-Safari-Opera-IE-)

10 Affiliate Networks: 135 Networks Exactly (-AdCombo-MyLead-AdmitAd-Advertise-7offers-Rocket10-Targeleon-Encyl-CityAds-CpaExchange-Gamesvid-Leads-Adsellerator-OmniCpa-DrCash-Unilead-Adtrafico-Zorka-AdVendor-3snet-AdvGame-AdWool-MonsterLeads-LuckyOnline-CTR-Affstar-KMA.BIZ-terra Media-Affiliati-Affiliaxe-AffOcean-AffShark-Appier-AppNext-ArabyAds-Aragon Advertising-Art
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