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KMA.biz Comments Ratings Discussion

If you want to work with a network that provides all the possible tools you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing venture, then working with a company that has been in the business for a while would be a great idea.

One such affiliate network is KMA.biz, which has been in existence since 2013. Formerly called KissMyAds, KMA is said to be the best CPA network that is based in Russia. They have also received recognition from AffBank, CPALife, and RACE.


KMA.biz CPA Network Features and Benefits​

If you want to focus on whitehat offers, KMA is a good place to start. They have more than a thousand offers on the platform, where more than a hundred are copyright protected.

Offers are available for more than 75 countries around the world. At least 100 of these are Nutra products focused on countries in the CIS region, Europe, and Asia. Other offer categories include finance, mobile apps, online games, informational products, adult, dating, e-Commerce, and products by mail (such as watches and accessories).

The conversion flow is mostly Cash on Delivery (COD), which means customers only pay upon product delivery. However, publishers need not wait for the product to be paid by the customer for them to receive their commission. Conversions are approved once the customer has confirmed his intention to purchase the product. Other offers are on CPS and CPL conversion flows.

Unique Offers from Direct Advertisers​

KMA provides both trending and trailblazing offers so you won’t run out of products to promote. The network continuously monitors the market for upcoming products and quickly jumps into creating landing pages and testing them once they see one with potential. In essence, most offers have gone through the testing phase before being rolled out to affiliates.

Many of these offers come from at least 100 advertisers that KMA has a direct relationship with.

Professional Contact Center​

Because validating orders is one of the biggest factors in confirming a conversion, KMA works with professional contact centers that reach out to your customers immediately.

Master Account for Teams​

If you have employees working on different marketing aspects of your business, you can have a master account that can be linked to the personal accounts of your team members. This enables you to view and analyze their performance in real-time.


Reliable Support​

KMA works with publishers that have experience in driving quality traffic for their type of offers. Nevertheless, they still provide support for those who need assistance in promoting Nutra, Beauty, and other COD products for the first time.

KMA.biz Payout Process​

The minimum payout is very low, at only $40 worth of confirmed earnings. As long as you meet the minimum requirement, you can request for payment as often as every day. This helps ensure that you have enough cash flow to keep the traffic flowing.

Payments can be sent to your account in Capitalist, Payoneer, Yandex, WebMoney, and Qiwi. It can also be wire transferred or deposited to your Visa or MasterCard bank accounts.

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