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To an affiliate, finding the right affiliate network is of utmost importance. After all, once you find the CPA network that has a diverse range of offers and provides almost everything you need, then you’re all set. One of the best networks out there is AdCombo.

Established in 2013, AdCombo company has already established a good reputation in the industry. They currently have more than 100,000 affiliates and operate 53 offices around the globe.

AdCombo Affiliate Network Features

Easy Sign-Up Process

This is one network that has very little barrier for entry. This means even beginner affiliates can work with AdCombo. The sign-up process is pretty simple and acceptance is almost immediate. After signing up, you can begin promoting their offers within 24 hours. They also have knowledgeable affiliate managers that will assist affiliates towards success.

AdCombo Affiliate Network

Comprehensive Reporting Interface

AdCombo’s in-built tracking system allows you to view the most important metrics for your campaign, aside from the conversions. Affiliates can use multiple macros to efficiently tag and filter the traffic.

However, if you still want to use your own tracker to effectively compare your expenses against your earnings, you can simply integrate your tracker into AdCombo. They provide S2S postback integration for affiliates’ convenience.

Focus on Less Competitive Countries

This affiliate network focuses on Tier 2 countries, which is a less competitive but highly lucrative segment. This includes countries in South Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Payouts for these offers are also competitive and would rival payouts for Tier 1 countries.

Highly Converting Offers

Many lead offers in the platform only require two fields, which means better conversion flow.

Also, the new conversion mode - Cash on Delivery - is available. Cash on Delivery or COD conversion mode means the product will be shipped to the user without the need for them to input any credit card details. The product will only be paid by the user once it’s delivered to his doorstep. Conversion happens when the company’s representative contacts the user and verifies the order.

AdCombo also specializes in WOW offers, which are focused on the impulse buying angle. You can rotate multiple offers in one link so that viewers will not get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again.

As of the moment, there are almost seven thousand offers available under 4 categories, encompassing 124 countries

Translation Services

Since the offer you will be promoting will likely be in a language that is not your own, you might encounter a problem with translating to the right language. You can always use Google Translate, but a machine translation will not yield the best results. As such, AdCombo provides translation services right inside their platform.

The price is only $0.03 per word. They support more than 80 languages, and they only use native speakers to make sure your ad text is right on the money.

Multiple Landing Pages Per Offer

There’s no need to create your own pre-landers and landers since AdCombo has a wide array of such. These landing pages have been tested and proven to convert. What’s more, they have several variations, so you can choose which one to use. You can even test them all to find which one works best for you.

Furthermore, these landing pages have already been translated into the native language of the offer’s country.

No Lost Traffic

The biggest discrepancy of traffic count coming from your traffic provider and the offer you are promoting is usually caused by dropped users. This can be caused by long loading times or poor server performance. To improve the performance of their offers, AdCombo uses the following:
  • their own DNS services for faster server response;
  • Sonar System that detects when a server is having connection issues and automatically reroutes traffic to pages housed in other servers;
  • large amount of CDN POI to ensure fast load times;
  • high-performance databases allow affiliates to view their statistics in real-time.
Use Your Own Domain

If you want to personalize your audience’s experience, you can park your own domain in AdCombo’s platform. This also minimizes the risk of getting banned by some traffic sources when you use generic URLs that everyone else is also using.

AdCombo Payout Options

AdCombo CPA network pays their affiliates twice a week. This gives affiliates the confidence to continue sending high quality traffic to their offers, as well as the cash-flow they need to purchase traffic from paid sources.

Payments are sent via wire transfer, Capitalist, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, and Epayservice. The minimum payout is only $50.

🚀 AdCombo is a part of the affLIFT community. You can message them for help at any time (@AdCombo). Make sure to use this link to sign up so they know you came from affLIFT!

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AdCombo was of my favorite companies to work with. I had a fabulous account manager and they paid on time, no problems.
But after some time of running a campaign and getting conversions, then something started to happen. I had about 30 sales on hold and none converted. They were all moved to trash which was really odd because before that many converted.

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