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Targeleon has been operating for the last seven years as a CPA affiliate network and ad network with its own traffic base. They provide their partners with an extensive range of services that will satisfy their affiliates’ needs while also helping them reach maximum profit possibilities.

The network has been in the business since 2014 and is currently based in Warsaw. They have hundreds of offers and products that span almost all verticals, and they accept all kinds of traffic (as long as they’re not bots or from a fraudulent source).


Targeleon Features and Benefits​

The offers on Targeleon fall under the following categories:
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gambling
  • Games
  • Software
  • Dating
  • eCommerce
  • Finance
  • Mainstream
  • Adult Dating and Entertainment
  • Mobile offers
  • Utilities
Targeleon network has a plethora of exclusive offers from various verticals; all received directly from the product owners. That is why they can offer such high rates to webmasters and affiliates.

Diverse Conversion Types​

The network does not focus on one simple conversion flow. They have 1Click, 2Click and SMS flows, SOI, DOI, pin submits, CC submits, pay per install, pay per sale, and more. Their most recent addition for payment flows is Click2Call, which is mainly for adult entertainment.


If you can’t choose a single offer to start with, you can always try this network’s SmartLink. You’ll only need one link for your traffic, and the SmartLink will do the heavy lifting. The technology will analyze the click information (Geo, Device, Operating System, etc.) and deliver your audience to the offer with the highest eCPM that matches the click demographics.

Their SmartLinks have already been pre-made, but if you need something more specific, they can create that for you, too!

Tailored Approach to Every Affiliate​

Targeleon does not advocate for the “one size fits all” approach. Instead, they found that you can get better results if you customize your strategy based on your affiliate’s needs.

Affiliates can easily reach out to their managers by emailing them or chatting with them through Skype or Telegram.


Private Offers​

In line with the tailored approach, Targeleon also gives its affiliates private offers that they believe will convert for that affiliate’s traffic.

The support team will request all possible details you can provide about your traffic so they can send you the best offers to try. The network will also quickly provide feedback on your traffic quality so you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

In-house Tracking Platform​

One of the most important components of an affiliate network is accurate reporting. With Targeleon and their real-time tracking system, you can be sure to have all your data on hand at a moment's notice without delay!

Targeleon Payment Options​

The best thing about this CPA network is that it doesn’t put a hold on affiliate payments. You can withdraw your earnings anytime and expect to receive them in a day or two. Available payment options are PayPal, WebMoney, and EPESE.

Getting your money via wire transfer is also possible, but for a minimum of $500 worth of revenue.

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