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The global threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to be concerned about how to improve their health and boost their immunity. While the current events have effectively crippled the economy of almost all nations, it has created an opportunity for companies that market health products.

This, in turn, has made Nutra one of the highest converting offer categories in the affiliate industry. If you are considering promoting Nutra offers, Everad is one competitive network that can help you achieve your marketing goals. The company opened its doors in 2012 and continues to flourish as one of the best CPA networks in this vertical.


Everad Benefits and Features​

Everad’s offers are in-house, which means you can expect higher payouts from them as compared to similar offers from other networks. Its main vertical as mentioned above is Nutra.

Currently, they have over 300 offers on health supplements, beauty, skincare, potency, and most of all - weight loss. These offers are available for more than 40 countries located in Europe, the CIS region, and Asia.

Offer Boost Option​

The Boost option is a cool feature that allows you to get up to an additional 20% of a specific offer’s payout. There is a limit to the number of days and leads that this boost can be applied, though. This feature encourages affiliates to drive as many high-quality conversions as they can during the limited time period.

However, the Boost Option can only be activated in offers with default payout rates. If you have been given a special rate by the network for that particular offer, this feature cannot be applied.


Audience Analytics​

Everad analyzes and then provides its affiliates information on audiences from their CRM. As such, you can target the specific audience demographic that has the best chance of converting from Everad’s offers.

In-house Tracking Platform​

One of the best things about this affiliate network is that they have their own tracking system. Everad’s in-house platform provides real-time data analysis, easy-to-understand charts, and comprehensive reports using their custom-made dashboard.

Plus, the tracker is fast and is highly efficient, which means you will not experience click losses from your traffic source to the offer.

Own Call Centers​

Many Nutra offers are now on COD conversion flow. This means instead of asking the user for payment right on the spot, the user will have to pay once the product is delivered to his doorstep.

This conversion flow is easier to convert because instead of placing credit card details, the user only needs to input his name and contact information. The network’s own call center will be tasked to contact the user to confirm the order. Once the order is confirmed, the affiliate will be paid.

While other networks hire third-party call centers, Everad has an in-house call center that is open 24/7 and will contact the user the moment the order is placed. Therefore, your referred users will not need to wait for the next business day, by which time many would have decided not to complete the order.

Faster order confirmation means more conversions for the affiliate!


Friendly & Helpful Affiliate Managers​

It is no secret that affiliate marketing is a demanding and tiresome job. This is why you need to have a reliable and friendly affiliate manager to help you out when it comes to network concerns. Whenever you face a challenge and you asked for assistance, your Everad affiliate manager will be there to bring your issues to closure using a win-win approach.

Everad Payment Terms​

The minimum amount to qualify for payout is $50. This is fairly easy to reach because the conversion payouts within Everad can go as high as $35.

You can withdraw your money via wire transfer, Capitalist, WebMoney, ZaleyCash, PayPal, and a host of other payment options. The payout frequency is initially NET-30, though you can be moved to daily payouts once you receive your first payment.

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