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When choosing an affiliate network, you would no doubt want to work with one that has a good reputation, has been in the industry for a while, and has offers that can be promoted to any part of the world. Admitad possesses all three characteristics.

Admitad is a global affiliate network that has been in the industry since 2009.

Today, it has headquarters in seven countries and employs more than 600 people worldwide, which says a lot about its growth.

Admitad Affiliate Network Features​


Promote Offers and Products Easily​

Admitad is an affiliate network that even total newbies can work with. They accept publishers who have their own websites, who use their social media accounts to influence people who follow them, who buy traffic, and more.

So if an Admitad affiliate doesn’t have the budget to purchase traffic, he can simply promote the offers to friends, family, and followers.

Well-Known Products and Offers​

Admitad partnered directly with popular advertisers, which makes promoting their offers so much easier. Furthermore, publishers who have their own websites will be confident that the banners and other ads they display on their sites are from reputable companies.

Some of the advertisers Admitad work with are:
  • Drop E-commerce
  • Ancestry
  • Adobe
  • Carter’s
  • Alibaba
  • Emirates
  • Priceline
  • DHGate
  • Aliexpress

Affiliate Tools​

To help their affiliates maximize their earning potential and make promoting products easier, Admitad released the following tools:

Product Feeds - If you have a website where you post and/or compare products, you can use the product feed to automatically add content such as product descriptions.

Admitad Browser Extension - Found a product on the advertiser’s website that you want to promote? You can do so by generating a deep link that contains your affiliate ID using Admitad’s Extension. The browser extension can easily generate a shortened link of the page that you are on, allowing the network to monitor traffic coming from your link and properly credit the conversion to you.

Moneylink - If you’d rather focus on creating content rather than wasting your time adding affiliate links, then Moneylink is your best friend. This tool automatically runs through your content, detects regular links, and changes them into affiliate links. You simply need to add one code on your website for this tool to work.

Link Checker - And if you’re ever worried that you’re not earning from your links, you can always use the link checker. This tool uses the link you have to check what product you are promoting, which program it is under, and more importantly if that program is still active.

Coupons and Deals Tool - Everybody loves a discount. Giving your customers a chance at buying something for less can help push them towards the purchase. So if you want to increase your chances of converting your audiences, give them a discount or coupon code. The Coupon and Deals Tool allows you to search for discounts based on the category, location, deal type, program, and more.


Admitad Academy​

Not everyone is privy to the concept of affiliate marketing, which is why Admitad went out of its way to create lessons and guides that explain everything about this digital business. The Admitad Academy leaves nothing out; providing information from basic concepts to offer analysis up to case studies.

Admitad Payment Options​

This affiliate network allows you to earn in multiple currencies, especially since it works with hundreds of advertisers that come from different parts of the world.

However, if you want to withdraw your earnings, you must achieve the minimum withdrawal amount for each specific currency you have. The threshold per currency is not that high and is therefore achievable. For instance, the minimum for US Dollar is $20, while the minimum for EUR is €20.

Withdrawals can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, and Payoneer.

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